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Friday Night Who 1/23

We go all the way back to the First Doctor’s era with one we haven’t reviewed. But since “The Sensorites” is a long one, we’re splitting it up between 2 weeks.

The SensoritesThe Se

Join @TravelVortex@VortexShaun@VortexKeith & @VortexGlenn as we press play at Midnight CST on parts 1-3.

And as always keep an eye out for the hashtags #FridayNightWho & #TheSensorites

Scheduling is such a TRIAL… (GET IT?)

Giving all of you who follow along at home a jump on the next block of scheduling…

For Friday Night Who on 6/14 is the first four parts of the infamous “Inferno” with Jon Pertwee, (which releases in a special edition on the 11th…)

TTV #129 will include our reviews of IDW Prisoners Of Time 5, Doctor Who Revisited 5, and Big Finish Destiny Of The Doctor 5: Smoke And Mirrors.

We’ll finish Inferno for Friday Night Who on 6/21 with parts 5-7.

TTV #130 will feature our reviews of “Inferno” and our  50th Anniversary Discussion of The 5th Doctor Era.

William Hartnell returns to FNW 6/28 in “The Ark”.

“The Ark” and Big Finish #35 “…ish” are the subjects of TTV #131.

To celebrate the Sixth Doctor, our Friday Night Who in July is all Colin Baker all the time.  On 7/5 we start the massive and epic “Trial Of A Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet”.

TTV #132 is IDW Prisoners Of Time 6 and “The Mysterious Planet”.

FNW 7/12 continues Trial Of A Time Lord with “Mindwarp”.

Episode #133 will have our reviews of Big Finish Destiny Of The Doctor 6 and “Mindwarp”.

FNW 7/19 is “Trial Of A Time Lord: Terror Of The Vervoids”.

TTV #134 is Doctor Who Revisited 6 and “Terror Of The Vervoids”.

Friday Night Who 7/26 concludes the month with “Trial Of A Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe”.

A big show for #135 as we discuss “The Ultimate Foe”, Trial Of A Time Lord as an overall arc, and give our thoughts on the 50th Anniversary Discussion of The 6th Doctor Era.

We return to more recent waters at the beginning of August for Friday Night Who on 8/2 with “The Doctor’s Wife”.

And we return to the divergent universe in episode #136 with Paul McGann’s eighth Doctor in the divergent universe with the Big Finish stories #63 “Caerdroia” and #64 “The Next Life”.

August is our celebration of the seventh Doctor, with some fun things on that horizon.  See you in the vortex!

Friday Night Who 4/26/13

teodTonight fort Friday Night Who join us on twitter for the live tweet-a-long with William Hartnell’s first Doctor in “The Edge Of Destruction”, part of The Beginning box set.

As Abed on Community would say, it’s a bottle show, which we thought would be fun considering this Saturday new Who offers up “Journey To The Centre Of The Tardis”.

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Friday Night Who 2/22/13

Doctor-Who-Reign-Of-Terror-DVDFor tonight’s Friday Night Who, we travel back to first Doctor William Hartnell and the just released to DVD “The Reign Of Terror”.  As this is a six part episode, we will only do the first three tonight, and conclude the story next week.

As always, find and follow @vortexglenn, @VortexKeith, @vortexshaun and @travelvortex on twitter for the live commentary, and look for the #FridayNightWho and #TheReignOfTerror hashtags. We push play at midnight, CST.

Classic Episode To Be Released on DVD

The epic struggle with the Cybermen begin in the Tenth Planet, but episode 4 has been missing since the mid-70’s.

But now doctorwho.tv is announcing the story is coming to DVD, not because episode 4 was found, but because they are animating it!

2c7h40je0az1000Episode 4 of this story is important for two reasons. Not only is it the first story with the Cybermen, but it’s the LAST story with William Hartnell as the Doctor.

Dan Hall said: “It’s a real thrill to be bringing such an iconic Doctor Who episode back to life. Without the events established in The Tenth Planet episode 4, there would be no Doctor Who as we know it!”

The release date is currently scheduled for late 2013.

Casting news for “An Adventure in Space and Time”

In the words of Amy, “Okay kids, THIS is where things get interesting.”

image.phpFrom Doctor Who News.net, BBC has announced that David Bradley will play first Doctor William Hartnell in the upcoming docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time, detailing the events leading to the creation of Doctor Who.  The one-off 90-minute drama is written by Doctor Who writer and actor Mark Gatiss, who will also act as executive producer alongside Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner.  Bradley is best known for playing Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch in the HARRY POTTER films, but fans may also recognize him from his turn as the villain in season seven’s “Dinosaurs On A Spaceship”.  He is also an established theatre actor.

image-1.phpBBC’s then Head of Drama Sydney Newman, credited with the creation of the show, will be portrayed by Shakespearean actor Brian Cox, who voiced the elder Ood in the 2009 Doctor Who episode “The End of Time”, and may be known to American audiences from his roles in X-MEN 2, MANHUNTER, TROY and THE BOURNE IDENTITY series.

image-3.php image-2.phpDoctor Who‘s first producer, Verity Lambert, will be played by Call the Midwife star Jessica Raine, while the director of the first serial, Waris Hussein, will be played by Sacha Dhawan best known for appearances in The History Boys and Last Tango In Halifax.

Says Gatiss, “What a cast! I’m utterly delighted that everyone’s favourite Time Lord will be in such brilliant and stellar company. We have a terrific team who can’t wait to tell the fascinating and surprising story of how the Doctor began his journey through Space and Time.”