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Episode 43 – Getting Better All The Time

In this weeks show we revisit Captain Jack and the “crew” for a review of Torchwood Series 2. We recap episode by episode our impressions of each show and the direction of the series on a whole.

Big news this week in the realm of rumor control, with the speculation that Matt Smith might be leaving he series after next year. We chime in on that debate. And, of course a look at the wonderful feedback we receive from our faithful listeners!

Links discussed on the show:

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Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated

Vortex Program Guide

 Over half way done with the epic Key To Time season, as four segments have been found, and four episodes down in Series Six.  Only two of each left to go!

FNW 8/26 – The Ribos Operation (4 Baker)

 TTV #35 – The Ribos Operation, Let’s Kill Hitler

FNW 9/2 – The Pirate Planet (4 Baker)

TTV #36 – The Pirate Planet, Night Terrors

FNW 9/9 – The Stones Of Blood (4 Baker)

TTV #37 – The Stones Of Blood, The Girl Who Waited

 FNW 9/16 – The Androids Of Tara (4 Baker)

TTV #38 – The Androids Of Tara, The God Complex

Friday Night Who 9/23 – The Power Of Kroll

TTV #39 – The Power Of Kroll, Closing Time (S6x12)

FNW 9/30 – The Armageddon Factor

* TTV #40 – The Armageddon Factor, The Wedding Of River Song (S6x13) 

* Note, this episode will be late getting to you, as Glenn is on Holiday (again) and we decided NOT to press ahead with recording without him.

Having watched the last episode of Doctor Who to date, we’ll jump back and do the first for our post Key To Time Friday Night Who…

FNW 10/7 – “An Unearthly Child” starring William Hartnell

TTV #41 – An Unearthly Child, Edge Of Destruction, Marco Polo

Then, the fun stuff.  Friday Night Who presents three weeks of terror!  Horror!  Thrills!  Gothic tales from behind the sofa!

FNW 10/14 – The Brain Of Morbius

TTV #42 – Season Five / Six Recap

FNW 10/21 –The Seeds Of Doom

TTV #43 – Torchwood Season 2

FNW 10/28 – The Horror Of Fang Rock

TTV #44 – Halloween Special – The Brain Of Morbius, The Seeds Of Doom, The Horror Of Fang Rock

And coming in November, the return of David Tennant!