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Once More Unto The Schedule Revision

As discussed in this week’s podcast we’ve bumped our SHADA discussion to a later date to accommodate the North American release date of the book.  As a result we’ve tweaked the upcoming schedule again…


Friday Night Who 6/8 – The Keys Of Marinus (William Hartnell)

Traveling The Vortex episode #76 will include our reviews of “The Keys Of Marinus” and Big Finish #2 “Phantasmagoria” (and I imagine Keith will have a full review of “The Eternity Clock” game. 

FNW 6/15 – City Of Death (Tom Baker)

TTV #77 – “City Of Death”… We’re gonna give this Douglas Adams classic it’s own episode to bask in it’s brilliance.

FNW 6/22 – “The Android Invasion” (Tom Baker)

TTV #78 – “The Android Invasion”, BBC Radio: “Torchwood: Lost Souls”

FNW 6/29 – “The Doctor Dances” / “The Empty Child” (Christopher Eccleston)

TTV #79 – “Torchwood: Children Of Earth”

FNW 7/6 – “The Time Of Angels” / “Flesh And Stone” (Matt Smith)

TTV #80 – Shada The Book, Shada The VHS Reconstruction, Shada The Animated Story, Shada The Flash Animation, Shada The Big Finish, Shada The Flame Thrower! (The kids love this one)…


Thanks for staying patient with us during the shuffles.