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It’s Spring Time For Schedule

This week is Planet Comicon… so the “schedule” may be a bit wobbly wobbly. BUT, we plan on doing “Remembrance Of The Daleks” on 3/14 with Sylvester McCoy. (keep in mind we may not actually get to participate much due to our con responsibilities.)

Our show this week #168 will be all about our experiences at KC Planet Comicon 2014.

On 3/21 FNW is  Jon Pertwee in the first 3 parts of “The Mutants”.

TTV #169 is what we’re jokingly calling “The Fan Show 2”.  Expect some more interviews and some surprises…

FNW on 3/28 we finish “The Mutants” Part 4-6.

We have our third Doctor celebration in episode #170 as we discuss “The Mutants” and E Book 3: “The Spear Of Destiny”.

We go all the way back to William Hartnell for FNW on 4/4 in “The War Machines”.

TTV #171 contains our reviews of “The War Machines” and Big Finish #80 “Time Works”.

For April’s fourth Doctor celebration, Friday Night Who on 4/11 is “Image Of The Fendahl”.

and then for the show TTV #172 “Image Of The Fendahl” and E Book 4: “The Roots Of Evil”.

On 4/18 David Tennant makes a return appearance to FNW in Series 3s “Tooth And Claw”.

We side step out of the Whoniverse a bit in episode #173 by covering the first 5 episodes of “Torchwood: Miracle Day”.

4/25 brings us the first three parts of the recently released Patrick Troughton serial “The Web Of Fear” on Friday Night Who.

Our show that week (TTV #174) wraps up Miracle Day with “Torchwood: Miracle Day” Parts 6-10.

And then we finish “The Web Of Fear” with Parts 4-6 on 5/2 for Friday Night Who.

And on the horizon? I’m sorry, it’s the event horizon of a black hole, and the schedule was sucked

into it just