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Episode 325 – Tripping the Limelight Fantastic

Two topics up for review on this week’s episode.

First it’s the Third Doctor mini-series from Titan Comics. We tackle this story arc featuring the Third Doctor, Jo Grant, and a whole host of other familiar faces featured in era.

Then, another Big Finish audio drama from the Main Range. This time it’s the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn story The Assassin in the Limelight.

Plus, news of the week, including a fairly “SPOILERY” one, so be warned.

And, of course, your feedback.


Friday Night Who for 12/30

We end the new year on a cliff hanger, we’re only doing half of “The Time Monster” this week for Friday Night Who!

The Time Monster

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Third Doctor #1 Preview from Titan Comics

On September 14th, Titan Comics will release the first issue of the new Doctor Who comic series featuring the 3rd Doctor as played by Jon Pertwee!

Here’s what Titan has to say about it:

Paul Cornell returns to Doctor Who comics with THE HERALDS OF DESTRUCTION! When something enormous crashes into Bedfordshire, the Doctor, Jo Grant, and the forces of UNIT under Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart mobilise immediately – and find themselves in the middle of a pitched battle against a terrifying invader… But the shocking face that awaits their return to base may tip the whole world off its axis!

It’s classic Third Doctor action as you’ve never seen it before!

doctorwho3d1-contents dw_third_doctor_01-preview-1 dw_third_doctor_01-preview2 dw_third_doctor_01-preview3 dw_third_doctor_01-preview4

Friday Night Who for 9/2

The velvet continues with this week’s Friday Night Who offering, we’re watching “Doctor Who and the Silurians”


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Friday Night Who for 7/8

Tonight’s story for Friday Night Who is full of firsts, the start of a new season…first time the show was in color and Jon Pertwee’s first story “Spearhead from Space!”


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Episode 245 – All Praise the Great One

TTV LOGO NEWWhew! After some tense moments this week, we are finally able to bring you this week’s show. Following a few computer crashes, recovery of files, recording of some new ones, and a bit of editing wizardry, another podcast is in the books. This week, we surmount the curse and bring you our review of the Third Doctor’s final story, Planet of the Spiders. We share our opinions of the end of an era for the show. And be sure to stick around after the credits for a special piece by Dr. Phil of the Adventures in Time Space and Music podcast as he explores some of the music of Planet of the Spiders.

Also, we give our impressions of the recently released trailer for the first story in Series 9, The Magician’s Apprentice. We also chat about the announcement that River Song will return in time for Christmas, and more in the ongoing saga of the release of the Second Doctor story, The Underwater Menace to DVD.

And, of course, your feedback.


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