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Episode 263 – Batteries Not Included

ttv_logo_newIn this week’s show we say goodbye to Ian and Barbara as they leave the TARDIS crew, but we welcome the Doctor’s next traveling companion Steven. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First we review Ian and Barbara’s final adventure as they flee with the Doctor and Vicki from the Daleks, landing at several locations in the Terry Nation penned story, The Chase.

We also take this opportunity to deliver another Adversary Archive edition of the podcast, this time featuring the Mechanoids. We explore¬†The World That Waits which was printed in the Dalek Annual, ‘The Dalek World’, printed in 1965. Then we look two comic stories printed in the pages of ‘TV Century 21’ with Eve of War and Impasse. Then we round out the archive with a newer story from the pages of ‘Doctor Who Files 11: The Cult of Skaro’ with a story called Birth of a Legend.

Plus, we look at a few news items of the week.

And, of course, your feedback.


Links mentioned in the show:

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