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Episode 236 – Great Intelligence Quotient

TTV-Logo-1400-150x150In this week’s episode, we take a look at the novel, “Lethbridge-Stewart: The Forgotten Son”.  Taking place after the events of The Web of Fear, we find Colonel Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart having to once again deal with the Great Intelligence and its Yeti minions.  We give our impressions of this recently released novel from Candy Jar Books in a new line of stories featuring the man who would become the Brig.

Also, our reaction to news this week hinting at set-up events to Series 9

Plus, Shaun regales us with stories of his trip to Kansas City for Weird Al Yankovic’s Mandatory Fun tour concert.

And, of course, you feedback.


Friday Night Who 6/26

A change of schedule for Friday Night Who this week…to go better with Lethbridge-Stewart: The Forgotten Son we’re watching The Web of Fear!


Join @TravelVortex@VortexShaun@VortexKeith & @VortexGlenn  as we press play on parts 1-3 at Midnight CDT!

And as always keep an eye out for the hashtags #FridayNightWho & #TheWebofFear

Michelle’s Birthday Gifts

Frequent listener, feedbacker and Friday Night Whoer recently had a birthday. She shared her birthday activities with us in our most recent episode.

She got quite a few Doctor Who gifts from her parents. As she said in her feedback”

They gave me a TARDIS night light, a TARDIS bracelet, a TARDIS pillow and a pack of 5 pairs of Doctor Who socks. The pillow makes the materialization noise so I’ve included a video of that. “

Below is the picture and video she references. Enjoy and Happy Belated Birthday Michelle!


Episode 175 – An Intelligent Design

TTV Logo 1400In this week’s show we feature part one of our Adversary Archive – The Great Intelligence.

We tackle our reviews of The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear, as well as a recap of the Eleventh Doctor story, The Snowmen.

Also, some convention announcements, including som bad news for Shaun and Mel in regards to where they will lay their heads in L.A. next year for Gallifrey One.

Plus some non-Doctor Who casting news, and a record DVD report.

And, of course, your feedback.


May The Schedule Be With You

Here’s a schedule update to carry us forward into June:

Friday Night Who on 4/25 is the recently discovered (and just released on DVD in North America) Patrick Troughton story “The Web Of Fear” Parts 1-3.

Show #174 finishes our review of  “Torchwood: Miracle Day” (episodes 6-10), as well as an overview of the entire season, and the web comic “Web Of Lies”.

FNW on 5/2 we complete “The Web Of Fear” Parts 4-6.

To celebrate our epivesrary in episode #175,  we present an Adversary Archive on The Great Intelligence.  At least the first part. We’ll be covering it’s appearances in “The Snowmen”, “The Abominable Snowmen* “, and have our review of “The Web Of Fear”.

* NOTE – “The Abominable Snowmen” is not available other than as recon or book format, as it has unfortunately not been recovered. You may have some difficulty finding it to join in our review.

FNW 5/9 is a taste of Matt Smith in “The Bells Of St. John”.

We continue our Adversary Archive on The Great Intelligence with Part 2 in Traveling The Vortex #176.  We’ll be covering the villains appearances in “Downtime* “, “The Bells Of St. John”, and “The Name Of The Doctor”.

* NOTE – “Downtime” is a fan produced spin off film that had a VHS release, and was also part of the Virgin New Adventures line of books. As such, you may have some difficulty finding it to join in our review.

May is the fifth Doctor’s month, so for Friday Night Who on 5/16 we’ll watching “Four To Doomsday”.

TTV #177 has our reviews of “Four To Doomsday” and E Book 5 “Tip Of The Tongue”.

Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston comes back to Friday Night Who on 5/23 in “Dalek”.

Which sets up episode #178 – The Adaptation Argument. We’ll be comparing and contrasting the supposed connections between Big Finish #40 “Jubilee” vs “Dalek”.

More fifth Doctor on 5/30 for FNW as we (finally! Chrissy shouts) watch “Caves Of Androzani”.

Our entire show for #179 is dedicated to the masterpiece that is “Caves Of Androzani”, and weather or not its worthy of that status.

And as we wind into June, 6/6 brings us the next story, Colin Baker’s debut in “The Twin Dilemma”.

June is the sixth Doctor’s month, so Traveling The Vortex #180 is all about him. We’ll review “The Twin Dilemma” and E Book 6  “Something Borrowed”.

After that?  Not a clue yet. But we’ll keep you posted.

It’s Spring Time For Schedule

This week is Planet Comicon… so the “schedule” may be a bit wobbly wobbly. BUT, we plan on doing “Remembrance Of The Daleks” on 3/14 with Sylvester McCoy. (keep in mind we may not actually get to participate much due to our con responsibilities.)

Our show this week #168 will be all about our experiences at KC Planet Comicon 2014.

On 3/21 FNW is  Jon Pertwee in the first 3 parts of “The Mutants”.

TTV #169 is what we’re jokingly calling “The Fan Show 2”.  Expect some more interviews and some surprises…

FNW on 3/28 we finish “The Mutants” Part 4-6.

We have our third Doctor celebration in episode #170 as we discuss “The Mutants” and E Book 3: “The Spear Of Destiny”.

We go all the way back to William Hartnell for FNW on 4/4 in “The War Machines”.

TTV #171 contains our reviews of “The War Machines” and Big Finish #80 “Time Works”.

For April’s fourth Doctor celebration, Friday Night Who on 4/11 is “Image Of The Fendahl”.

and then for the show TTV #172 “Image Of The Fendahl” and E Book 4: “The Roots Of Evil”.

On 4/18 David Tennant makes a return appearance to FNW in Series 3s “Tooth And Claw”.

We side step out of the Whoniverse a bit in episode #173 by covering the first 5 episodes of “Torchwood: Miracle Day”.

4/25 brings us the first three parts of the recently released Patrick Troughton serial “The Web Of Fear” on Friday Night Who.

Our show that week (TTV #174) wraps up Miracle Day with “Torchwood: Miracle Day” Parts 6-10.

And then we finish “The Web Of Fear” with Parts 4-6 on 5/2 for Friday Night Who.

And on the horizon? I’m sorry, it’s the event horizon of a black hole, and the schedule was sucked

into it just









Nigerian Banking Pays Off

1393494_734413269906036_972173773_nThe BBC announced today that 2 “Missing” Doctor Who adventures have been found!

That’s right after much speculation of episodes being found it was announced that 9 episodes of Patrick Troughton’s Era have been recovered:

Film recordings of eleven episodes of Doctor Who – nine of which were considered ‘lost’ – have been discovered in Nigeria.

All six episodes of The Enemy of the World and five of The Web of Fear were found by Phillip Morris, director of Television International Enterprises Archive, in a television relay station in Jos, central Nigeria.

Morris tracked records of shipments made by the BBC to Africa, that contained tapes for transmission. BBC Worldwide is currently re-mastering these episodes to restore them to the fantastic quality that audiences expect from Doctor Who.

You can now purchase them on iTunes right now.

They will also be released on DVD, but no word on a US release date for either.

Below are two trailers for the stories and for MUCH more information visit www.doctorwho.tv