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Friday Night Who 5/22

It’s May and time to celebrate the 5th Doctor in our Beyond the Doctor series…so to match with Friday Night Who we’re watching the Visitation!


Join @TravelVortex@VortexShaun, & @VortexGlenn  as we press play at Midnight CDT!

(Likely not @VortexKeith as he will be moving that weekend)

And as always keep an eye out for the hashtags #FridayNightWho & #TheVisitation

Oh, What A Schedule. What A Lovely Schedule!

Once again sneaking this onto the feeds just before the wire. My apologies. Without further ado…

Our show this week will be covering the world of Titan Comics, we’ll take a look at the next batch of issues released since our last review, for Doctors 10, 11, and 12, as well as check into the just started 9th Doctor line, and the Free Comic Book day multi-story issue. What? You didn’t get one of the free comic book day issues? Well fret not, we have a few extra to give away on the show this week!

Friday Night Who on 5/15 is “The Deadly Assassin” with Tom Baker.

* Our show next week (TTV #229) takes us back to the Big Finish 4th Doctor Adventures, with #5 and 6: “Trail Of The White Worm” and “The Oseidon Adventure”.

*EDIT – Filing this under the “this is why we can’t have nice things” category, I have corrected the titles of these Big Finish stories to read correctly, NOT as they were Trail Of The White Worm 1 & 2. Not sure what I was thinking or reading, my apologies for the confusion – Shaun

FNW on 5/22 is “The Visitation”.

Since we’ve already reviewed this week’s Friday Night Who selection, TTV #230 will be all about Peter Davison as we go Beyond The Doctor, and take a look at his performance in some episodes of All Creatures Great And Small.

FNW 5/29 is “The Happiness Patrol” with Sylvester McCoy.

TTV #231 is a Companion Archive on Bernice “Benny” Summerfield. We’ll tackle her in reviews of Big Finish #13 “Shadow of the Scourge”, and #42 “The Dark Flame”.

** EDIT (I had the number wrong on “Shadow Of The Scourge”, it is Big Finish main line story number 13, NOT #7. This has been corrected.) – Shaun

June brings us to ol’ sixie, so Friday Night Who on 6/5 is the first two parts of “The Two Doctors”.

Episode #232 of Traveling The Vortex goes Beyond The Doctor with Colin Baker, but we are still searching for just the right thing to showcase him in. Stand by for updates!

**EDIT Just decided! We will celebrate Colin Baker fresh off his recent appearance in the episode “The White Iris” of Star Trek Continues! Brand new and readily available to all, go here to view!

FNW 6/12 finishes off “The Two Doctors” with Part 3.

** TTV #233 is even more Big Finish, #45 “Project Lazarus”, and #57 “Arrangements For War”.

NOTE! “Project Lazarus” is a sequel to “Project Twilight” (#23) listeners MAY wish to refresh their memories of the previous adventure…

We’ll celebrate Father’s Day a little early this year on 6/19 with Christopher Eccleston in “Father’s Day” for Friday Night Who

Which will lead us into another one of those fun topics in TTV #234: Great Fathers in Doctor Who. Get your feedback in, we’ll be counting on you guys to help us flesh out the best fictional Dads in the vortex!

Rounding out the end of June for FNW on 6/26 is William Hartnell in “The Aztecs”.

And TTV #235 returns Paul McGann’s Big Finish 8th Doctor Adventures to the line up with #5 “Phobos” and #6 “No More Lies”.


Beyond that? Well Con Season starts back up for some of us, but we can let slip that we have something special planned with Lost Episode Re-Cons, and a book review or two on the horizon.

Episode 93 – There’s A Sonic App For That

In this week’s episode we review the Fifth Doctor classic story, The Visitation. This is the story that said goodbye to the sonic screwdriver for more than 10 years until its return in Doctor Who: The Movie. Which brings us to the second part of this week’s show. A look at the age old debate over the sonic screwdriver and its usage in the series, especially that of the new series.

Also, “Doctor Who is still not on” as Shaun would say in this weeks news.

And of course, your feedback.


Links mentioned on the show:

Sonic Screwdriver (The reason it’s been banned from action film)
Ratchet & Clank

Scheduling, Post Ponds…

As we approach the run up and end of Amy and Rory’s travels with the Doctor, despite our sadness, the show must go on.  Here’s a look at what’s in the pipeline for after Pond…

Friday Night Who for  9/28 features the tenth Doctor David Tennant and Martha (long time no see!) in the Steven Moffat penned, “Blink” in (celebration?) of the return of the Weeping Angels.

Traveling The Vortex episode #92 will include our reviews of “The Angels Take Manhattan”, a mini retrospective of the season so far, and of course, a few tears at the farewell of Amy, Rory and new favorite Brian.

Fifth Doctor Peter Davison returns to Friday Night Who on 10/5, fighting the grim reaper and the Great Plague in “The Visitation”.

Better bring the ear plugs for episode #93. Not only will we cover “The Visitation” but we’ll have a deep discussion (and probably a little arguing) over the most over-used item in Doctor Who: The Sonic Screwdriver.  Handy tool?  Or a convenient get out of jail free card?

10/12 brings first Doctor William Hartnell back to Friday Night Who in “The Rescue” of Vicki.

We step away from televised adventures for episode #94 and return to the Big Finish audio series with three more stories featuring Charlie Pollard and Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor – #31 Embrace The Darkness, #32 The Time Of The Daleks, and #33 Neverland

Friday Night Who on 10/19 continues where we left off with Hartnell in “The Romans”.

Traveling The Vortex #95 will have our reviews of “The Rescue” and “The Romans”.

And then it’s time for Halloween!  In our second annual “Hide Behind The Furniture Scary” edition of Friday Night Who on 10/26, we’ll introduce Keith to Tom Baker fighting a homicidal dummy and a giant rat in the fourth Doctor classic, “The Talons Of Weng-Chiang”.

But is it REALLY a classic?  Traveling The Vortex #96 might just challenge that thinking as we cover “The Talons Of Weng-Chiang”.

And after that?  Still shaping up, but I will say the K9 archive is VERY SOON to follow, along with another season of Sarah Jane… leading up to our all-star 100th epiversary…

“This Fall” Schedule Finally Revealed

Now that the powers that be over at BBC and BBC America have gotten off their collective tookus and announced season seven of Doctor Who, we can reveal our plans for scheduling as well. (Mild spoilers ahead if you’ve been avoiding episode titles…)

As previously stated, TONIGHT’s Friday Night Who (8/24) features Sylvester McCoy in “The Greatest Show In The Galaxy”. Hope you can join us, we push play at midnight.

Our next show (#87) we’ll record once Keith returns from holiday (and there is a STRONG possibility that we’ll be posting it late depending on when he and Sarah return, but we’ll discuss “The Greatest Show In The Galaxy”, the wedding. Oh, and we’ll talk about the episode too.

Next Friday 8/31 Jon Pertwee returns to the Friday Night Who schedule in “Day Of The Daleks”.


TTV #88 is our sixth Dalek Archive, and we’ll talk “Day Of The Daleks” and the new “Asylum Of The Daleks”

On 9/7 another Pertwee hits Friday Night Who with “Invasion Of The Dinosaurs”.

Traveling The Vortex #89 will be our reviews of “Invasion Of The Dinosaurs” and episode two of the new series, “Dinosaurs On A Spaceship”. (Picking up on our theme yet?)

FNW on 9/14 is William Hartnell in “The Gunfighters”.

TTV #90 takes on a distinct western theme, as we’ll talk local sci-fi convention Con-X, and our thoughts on “The Gunfighters”, and episode 3 of season 7, “A Town Called Mercy”.

Friday Night Who (9/21) jumps back to the seventh Doctor era with Sylvester McCoy in “Battlefield”.

And episode #91 covers what are supposed to be UNIT stories with “Battlefield” and “The Power Of Three”.

FNW 9/28 welcomes back David Tennant in the first Weeping Angel story, “Blink”

And on Traveling The Vortex #93 we’ll bid the Ponds Farewell and discuss “The Angels Take Manhattan”

With the end of the new series (at least until Christmas) our Friday Night Who on 10/5 has Peter Davison pay a visit with “The Visitation”

TTV #93 is all about the Doctor’s “get out of jail free card”, the sonic screwdriver. We’ll talk “The Visitation” and more.

On the horizon?  That’s for me to know and you all to find out!