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Episode 170 – Ocelots and Whoozles

ttvsmallWelcome to another addition of Traveling the Vortex.

In this week’s episode, we tangent a bit more than usual discussing everything from Minecraft to Spaghetti recipes.

But we do get back on track long enough to give our reviews of the two Third Doctor and Jo stories, the TV episode, The Mutants, and the 50th anniversary e-book, The Spear of Destiny.

Also, some sad news this week with the passing of two legends in Doctor Who.

And of course your feedback.


Brittany’s Doctor Who Photo Challenge

Book Club

It’s Spring Time For Schedule

This week is Planet Comicon… so the “schedule” may be a bit wobbly wobbly. BUT, we plan on doing “Remembrance Of The Daleks” on 3/14 with Sylvester McCoy. (keep in mind we may not actually get to participate much due to our con responsibilities.)

Our show this week #168 will be all about our experiences at KC Planet Comicon 2014.

On 3/21 FNW is  Jon Pertwee in the first 3 parts of “The Mutants”.

TTV #169 is what we’re jokingly calling “The Fan Show 2”.  Expect some more interviews and some surprises…

FNW on 3/28 we finish “The Mutants” Part 4-6.

We have our third Doctor celebration in episode #170 as we discuss “The Mutants” and E Book 3: “The Spear Of Destiny”.

We go all the way back to William Hartnell for FNW on 4/4 in “The War Machines”.

TTV #171 contains our reviews of “The War Machines” and Big Finish #80 “Time Works”.

For April’s fourth Doctor celebration, Friday Night Who on 4/11 is “Image Of The Fendahl”.

and then for the show TTV #172 “Image Of The Fendahl” and E Book 4: “The Roots Of Evil”.

On 4/18 David Tennant makes a return appearance to FNW in Series 3s “Tooth And Claw”.

We side step out of the Whoniverse a bit in episode #173 by covering the first 5 episodes of “Torchwood: Miracle Day”.

4/25 brings us the first three parts of the recently released Patrick Troughton serial “The Web Of Fear” on Friday Night Who.

Our show that week (TTV #174) wraps up Miracle Day with “Torchwood: Miracle Day” Parts 6-10.

And then we finish “The Web Of Fear” with Parts 4-6 on 5/2 for Friday Night Who.

And on the horizon? I’m sorry, it’s the event horizon of a black hole, and the schedule was sucked

into it just