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Episode 95 – Oz the Great and Terrible

In this week’s episode, we venture back to the First Doctor’s era and join he, Ian and Barbara as they meet their newest companion, Vicki. Listen as we review the two stories The Rescue and The Romans and give our impressions on what is arguably a nexus point in the character of the Doctor.

Also, a look at the stories making news this week, including a release announcement for the story, Shada, finally coming to DVD.

And of course, your feedback.


Links mentioned on the show:


Project Motor Mouth
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TARDIS trio sing Bohemian Rhapsody
John Barrowman Sings the Doctor Who Theme
If Doctor Who was a Disney Movie
and Shaun’s War Of The Worlds school trailer



Run Up To An Epiversary

As discussed on this week’s podcast, here’s the upcoming schedule for those that like to follow along at home.

Friday Night Who 10/19 is “The Romans” with William Hartnell.

Our 95th episode covers both stories in the DVD set, “The Rescue” and “The Romans”.

For our Halloween extravaganza this year, we’re watching fourth Doctor Tom Baker in the classic episode “The Talons Of Weng-Chiang” for Friday Night Who on 10/26.

And then a whole episode devoted to this classic on Traveling The Vortex #96.

Friday Night Who on 11/2 is the new to DVD in North America release of “The Ambassadors Of Death” with third Doctor Jon Pertwee.  Due to it’s length, we’re breaking it in two and only doing the first four parts this night.

Traveling The Vortex #97 picks up where we left off with the next two Big Finish audio adventures starring eighth Doctor Paul McGann.  We’ll be reviewing main line episodes #33 “Neverland” and #50 “Zagreus”.

On 11/9 we’ll finish “The Ambassadors Of Death” with parts 5-7 for Friday Night Who.

Episode #98 of Traveling The Vortex is devoted to “The Ambassadors Of Death”.

11/16 for Friday Night Who brings us more William Hartnell in “The Web Planet“.

And then Traveling The Vortex episode #99 will have our reviews of both “The Web Planet” and Big Finish #5 “The Fearmonger”.

Which leads us right up to a certain epiversary with three numbers in it.  Can you feel the excitement here?


Scheduling, Post Ponds…

As we approach the run up and end of Amy and Rory’s travels with the Doctor, despite our sadness, the show must go on.  Here’s a look at what’s in the pipeline for after Pond…

Friday Night Who for  9/28 features the tenth Doctor David Tennant and Martha (long time no see!) in the Steven Moffat penned, “Blink” in (celebration?) of the return of the Weeping Angels.

Traveling The Vortex episode #92 will include our reviews of “The Angels Take Manhattan”, a mini retrospective of the season so far, and of course, a few tears at the farewell of Amy, Rory and new favorite Brian.

Fifth Doctor Peter Davison returns to Friday Night Who on 10/5, fighting the grim reaper and the Great Plague in “The Visitation”.

Better bring the ear plugs for episode #93. Not only will we cover “The Visitation” but we’ll have a deep discussion (and probably a little arguing) over the most over-used item in Doctor Who: The Sonic Screwdriver.  Handy tool?  Or a convenient get out of jail free card?

10/12 brings first Doctor William Hartnell back to Friday Night Who in “The Rescue” of Vicki.

We step away from televised adventures for episode #94 and return to the Big Finish audio series with three more stories featuring Charlie Pollard and Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor – #31 Embrace The Darkness, #32 The Time Of The Daleks, and #33 Neverland

Friday Night Who on 10/19 continues where we left off with Hartnell in “The Romans”.

Traveling The Vortex #95 will have our reviews of “The Rescue” and “The Romans”.

And then it’s time for Halloween!  In our second annual “Hide Behind The Furniture Scary” edition of Friday Night Who on 10/26, we’ll introduce Keith to Tom Baker fighting a homicidal dummy and a giant rat in the fourth Doctor classic, “The Talons Of Weng-Chiang”.

But is it REALLY a classic?  Traveling The Vortex #96 might just challenge that thinking as we cover “The Talons Of Weng-Chiang”.

And after that?  Still shaping up, but I will say the K9 archive is VERY SOON to follow, along with another season of Sarah Jane… leading up to our all-star 100th epiversary…