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Episode 73 – The Rogues & Renegades of Rassilon

Late again this week, but it’s finally here. In this week’s episode of Traveling the Vortex, we look back over the last few weeks of stories reviewed and focus on the rogues and renegades of Doctor Who. We focus our attention on The Meddling Monk, The War Chief, Omega, The Master, and The Rani. Also how The Doctor, and perhaps even Rassilon fit this title.

Also, our take on the news of the week, and of course your feedback.


As we laughed about for quite a while in this week’s episode….a Chimp surprises twins at a zoo

Rogues And Renegades Continues

Greetings from the protectors and defenders of the vortex, with another homework update for those of you following along at home…

Friday Night Who this week on 5/4 is “The Mark Of The Rani” featuring the sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, and Peri.

Show number 71 is a comprehensive review of The Sarah Jane Adventures, Series 2.

5/11 sees Sylvester McCoy’s seventh Doctor return to Friday Night Who in his first story, “Time And The Rani”.

Our show that week (#72) is an Adversary Archive on The Rani, as we cover “The Mark Of The Rani”, “Time And The Rani”, and… sigh… I suppose we’ll feel obligated to mention that “Dimensions In Time” thing… again.

FNW on 5/18 jumps back to the third Doctor Jon Pertwee with “Frontier In Space”, the first story from the “Dalek War” box as it’s billed in North America.

And finally, our true discussion of all these Rogue Time Lords gets underway with Traveling The Vortex #73 as we discuss the life and times of The Meddling Monk, The War Chief, Omega, The Rani, The Master, and the Doctor himself in our adversary archive on Rogues and Renegades.

The last Friday Night Who of May, (5/25) concludes the Dalek War box with Jon Pertwee in “Planet Of The Daleks”.

And of course, what would episode 74 be without a horde of homicidal robots running amok? Our fourth Adversary Archive on the Daleks will cover “Frontier In Space”, “Planet Of The Daleks”, and Big Finish #7 “The Genocide Machine”

And beyond May?  Well, if all goes well expect a discussion on all things Shada, the return of Tom Baker to the schedule, our first Doctor Who book reviews, and more…

Episode 67 – Fish Fingers, Custard, and a Panda Bear in a Chair

In this week’s episode of Traveling the Vortex, we start our ongoing Adversary Archive on The Renegades. We start off this time with a look at The Meddling Monk in the First Doctor adventure, The Time Meddler.

Also, our review of the first outing for Big Finish in it’s Doctor Who main line adventures, The Sirens of Time.

Plus, the BIG news of the week was the leak of a MAJOR spoiler from the shooting set of the Seventh Series. Don’t worry, we won’t spoil anything for you, we talk about outlets being responsible when it comes to spoilers leading up to Fall.

Oh, and of course, your feedback!


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