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Episode 81 – The Croutons

Another episode hits the feed, this time we have a little fun with our review of the Second Doctor story, The Krotons. One of the final outings for Jamie, Zoe, and The Doctor, the Krotons was released in North America on DVD for the first time just this week.

Then a review of the Big Finish audio play The Land of the Dead, featuring the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa.

Also, San Diego Comic-Con was in the news this week with lot’s of Doctor Who presence throughout. A look at some of the panels that Team TARDIS members turned up on over the weekend.

And of course your feedback. Enjoy!

Links mentioned in this week’s show:

Sonic Screwdriver TV Remote
Comic-Con Goodness

Oh, and something mentioned to Shaun in the show was “It’s not for you!” This is where it comes from. WARNING – DOES CONTAIN ADULT THEMES AND STRONG LANGUAGE.
The Shag-A-Rant: It’s Not For You

Friday The 13th Friday Night Who 7/13/12

Tonight we will be watching the JUST RELEASED in North America on DVD “The Krotons”, starting second Doctor Patrick Troughton. Please join us on twitter for the conversation, you can find us at @vortexglenn, @VortexKeith, @vortexshaun and @travelvortex. Look for the hashtags #TheKrotons and #FridayNightWho.  We push play at midnight, CDT!

Scheduling Shada (and other things)

As we enter into July, a few updates on the vortex schedule for those who like to follow along at home…

Friday Night Who on 7/6 will be eleventh Doctor Matt Smith fighting the weeping angels in the two part “The Time Of Angels” & “Flesh And Stone”.

Since we’ve already reviewed those stories, Traveling The Vortex #80 will cover all things Shada: Shada The Book, Shada The VHS Reconstruction, Shada The Animated Story, Shada The Flash Animation, Shada The Big Finish, Shada The Flame Thrower! (The kids love this one)…

Two new DVDs release on the tenth of July. We’ll cover both of them:  On 7/13 Friday Night Who covers second Doctor Patrick Troughton in “The Krotons”.  Our show that week (#81) sees our reviews of “The Krotons” and Big Finish #4, “Land Of The Dead”.

And then the following week we’ll cover the second release for July. FNW on 7/20 is “Death To The Daleks” with third Doctor Jon Pertwee and Sarah Jane.

Episode #82 becomes another Dalek archive, with reviews of “Death To The Daleks” and two Big Finish audio adventures, #11 “The Apocalypse Element” and #15 “The Mutant Phase”.

We round out july with a return of some fourth Doctor to our plates, as Friday Night Who on 7/27 is “The Horns Of Nimon” with Tom Baker and Romana II.

TTV #83 is a Nimon archive, with our reviews of “The Horns Of Nimon” and Big Finish #30, “Seasons Of Fear” featuring eighth Doctor Paul McGann.

And in August? more Big Finish audios, more Book Reviews, and in celebration of Keith and Sarah’s wedding, a K9 Companion Archive!  As always, thanks for staying with us and we’ll see you in the vortex!