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Oh, What A Schedule. What A Lovely Schedule!

Once again sneaking this onto the feeds just before the wire. My apologies. Without further ado…

Our show this week will be covering the world of Titan Comics, we’ll take a look at the next batch of issues released since our last review, for Doctors 10, 11, and 12, as well as check into the just started 9th Doctor line, and the Free Comic Book day multi-story issue. What? You didn’t get one of the free comic book day issues? Well fret not, we have a few extra to give away on the show this week!

Friday Night Who on 5/15 is “The Deadly Assassin” with Tom Baker.

* Our show next week (TTV #229) takes us back to the Big Finish 4th Doctor Adventures, with #5 and 6: “Trail Of The White Worm” and “The Oseidon Adventure”.

*EDIT – Filing this under the “this is why we can’t have nice things” category, I have corrected the titles of these Big Finish stories to read correctly, NOT as they were Trail Of The White Worm 1 & 2. Not sure what I was thinking or reading, my apologies for the confusion – Shaun

FNW on 5/22 is “The Visitation”.

Since we’ve already reviewed this week’s Friday Night Who selection, TTV #230 will be all about Peter Davison as we go Beyond The Doctor, and take a look at his performance in some episodes of All Creatures Great And Small.

FNW 5/29 is “The Happiness Patrol” with Sylvester McCoy.

TTV #231 is a Companion Archive on Bernice “Benny” Summerfield. We’ll tackle her in reviews of Big Finish #13 “Shadow of the Scourge”, and #42 “The Dark Flame”.

** EDIT (I had the number wrong on “Shadow Of The Scourge”, it is Big Finish main line story number 13, NOT #7. This has been corrected.) – Shaun

June brings us to ol’ sixie, so Friday Night Who on 6/5 is the first two parts of “The Two Doctors”.

Episode #232 of Traveling The Vortex goes Beyond The Doctor with Colin Baker, but we are still searching for just the right thing to showcase him in. Stand by for updates!

**EDIT Just decided! We will celebrate Colin Baker fresh off his recent appearance in the episode “The White Iris” of Star Trek Continues! Brand new and readily available to all, go here to view!

FNW 6/12 finishes off “The Two Doctors” with Part 3.

** TTV #233 is even more Big Finish, #45 “Project Lazarus”, and #57 “Arrangements For War”.

NOTE! “Project Lazarus” is a sequel to “Project Twilight” (#23) listeners MAY wish to refresh their memories of the previous adventure…

We’ll celebrate Father’s Day a little early this year on 6/19 with Christopher Eccleston in “Father’s Day” for Friday Night Who

Which will lead us into another one of those fun topics in TTV #234: Great Fathers in Doctor Who. Get your feedback in, we’ll be counting on you guys to help us flesh out the best fictional Dads in the vortex!

Rounding out the end of June for FNW on 6/26 is William Hartnell in “The Aztecs”.

And TTV #235 returns Paul McGann’s Big Finish 8th Doctor Adventures to the line up with #5 “Phobos” and #6 “No More Lies”.


Beyond that? Well Con Season starts back up for some of us, but we can let slip that we have something special planned with Lost Episode Re-Cons, and a book review or two on the horizon.

Schedule, Beware The Ides Of March!

A short scheduling update this week, as we wanted to give you heads up on a couple of audios coming up!

This week’s Friday Night Who (2/28) is the long awaited, recently released Patrick Troughton second Doctor story “The Moonbase”

Our show (TTV #166) will include reviews of “The Moonbase” as well as the second E Book from the 50th Anniversary series, “The Nameless City”.

FNW on 3/7 is Planet Of The Ood with tenth Doctor, David Tennant.

A pair of big finish audios for TTV #167, both main line stories: #37 The Sandman featuring sixth Doctor Colin Baker and Evelyn, and #39 Bang-Bang-a-Boom with seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy.

We’re concocting something special for Friday Night Who the week of 3/14 (In fact, it may not even happen on Friday).  Suffice to say we are attempting to involve Kansas City Planet Comicon guest Sylvester McCoy to join us in some way, shape or form.  We’ll try and keep you updated as best we can. Right now it looks like it will either be “Remembrance Of The Daleks” OR “The Happiness Patrol” for the story that week.  Trust us, there’s a method at work here.  Madness too.  But a method nonetheless.

And episode #168 will be a full breakdown of our experiences at Kansas City Planet Comicon for our listeners.

More to come as we get things finalized!

Episode 109 – Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

NEW_TTV_LOGO_200In this week’s episode we put on our happy faces and smile through a review of the Seventh Doctor story, The Happiness Patrol. Then we escape to Germany and again join the Seventh Doctor and Ace for the Big Finish audio story, Colditz.

Also, we discuss some exciting news for the Vortex Boys, with the announcement of our live podcast panel at Planet Comicon. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ll talk about Shaun and Glenn’s involvement at Gallifrey One this year as well.

And more news, and of course your feedback.


KC Planet Comicon
The 24 Hours of Gallifrey One

Friday Night Who 1/25/13

Happiness_patrol_us_dvdTonight for Friday Night Who we journey back to the “sexy wink” of Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy with The Happiness Patrol. We push play at midnight, CST and as always you can find us on Twitter.  Follow @travelvortex, @vortexshaun, @vortexglenn and @VortexKeith for the live commentary, and look for the #FridayNightWho and #TheHappinessPatrol hashtags.

Would You Like A Jelly Baby? And A Schedule Update?

As we discussed on the most recent podcast, we’ve finalized plans for the next few months, and now we share them with you…

Friday Night Who on 1/25 stars referencer of the show, Sylvester McCoy in “The Happiness Patrol”

Episode #109 of Traveling The Vortex will include our thoughts on “The Happiness Patrol” along with Big Finish #25 “Colditz”.

Because we know you all love it, on 2/1 for Friday Night Who we’ll be watching tenth Doctor David Tennant in “Love And Monsters”. No, seriously.  And we demand you show up to defend (or criticize the episode in person!)

Since we’ve already given our thoughts on that episode, we figured we’d delve a little deeper into real life members of L.I.N.D.A in TTV #110 with a little something I like to think of as “The Fan Show”.  We’ll talk Cosplay, collectors and Tardis Console and Dalek Builders!

2/8 FNW brings us another Tom Baker episode, “The Leisure Hive”.

And TTV #111 – sees us cover “The Leisure Hive” and Big Finish #35 “…ish”.

While Glenn and Shaun wing to Gally, Keith holds down the fort for Friday Night Who on 2/15 with Matt Smith (and most of Gally’s guest list this year) in “A Good Man Goes To War”

And then the big discussion of this year’s Gallifrey One’s 24 Hours Of Gallifrey One in episode #112.

FNW on 2/22 will be the first three parts of the just released (and animated) “The Reign Of Terror” with first Doctor William Hartnell.

In episode #113 we’ll return to the Big Finish divergent universe story arc with eighth Doctor Paul McGann and Charlie with #54 “The Natural History Of Fear” and #55 “The Twilight Kingdom”.

The first week of March (3/1) we’ll finish “The Reign Of Terror” on Friday Night Who.

Traveling The Vortex #114 covers “The Reign Of Terror” and our thoughts on the values of animated missing episodes.

Friday Night Who on 3/8 is “The King’s Demons” with fifth Doctor Peter Davison.

TTV #115 covers our reviews of “The King’s Demons” and Big Finish #26 “Primeval”.

Come celebrate my birthday on 3/15 with more Tom Baker in “The Ark In Space”.

And Traveling The Vortex #116 will have our reviews of “The Ark In Space” and our first foray into the Big Finish 4th Doctor Adventures; #1 “Destination: Nerva”.

After that we’re hoping to have a finalized schedule of NEW WHO to look forward to, so hopefully we can pair up some interesting episodes then.  As always, thanks for supporting us!

Scheduling Beyond The Apocalypse…

Assuming the Mayan calendar was meant to be flipped over and restarted and the end of the world does NOT happen on 12/21, here is the revised schedule we discussed on the podcast.

Friday Night Who on 12/14 will be the first three parts of “The Time Monster” staring Jon Pertwee.

With Glenn off to visit the happiest place on earth, our show this week (TTV #103) will be just me and Keith tackling… BOOKS!  In Book Reviews III Keith will review Touched By An Angel by Jonathon Morris, and I’ll take a look at Apollo 23 by Justin Richards.  Both books feature the 11th Doctor.

Friday Night Who on apocalypse day itself, we’ll find out if the Master was successful in destroying the world or not as we finish “The Time Monster” with parts 4-6.

Traveling The Vortex episode #104 is our second Adversary Archive on The Master, and we’ll cover “The Time Monster” as well as Big Finish story #21 “Dust Breeding”.

We’ll celebrate the Christmas theme on 12/28, with David Tennant in “The Christmas Invasion” for Friday Night Who.

And then, episode #105 will be our complete discussion of this years Christmas Special, “The Snowmen”. 

And of course, with the breaking news that Doctor Who will return in April, we can commit to the next bit of scheduling.  2013 brings us more Big Finish audios!

We’ll kick the new year off on Friday Night Who with Peter Davison in “The Awakening” on 1/4.

TTV #106 has our review of “The Awakening” and Big Finish story #20 “Loups-Garoux”

A few we’ve already reviewed for FNW on 1/11 with Matt Smith in the two part “The Pandorica Opens” / “The Big Bang”.

Which makes way for more Paul McGann audio stories from Big Finish in TTV #107.  We last left the eighth Doctor in the divergent universe, so we pick up with Big Finish #52 “Scherzo” and #53 “The Creed Of The Kormon”.

On 1/18, Friday Night Who brings us “Nightmare Of Eden” with fourth Doctor Tom Baker.

TTV #108 we’ll review “Nightmare Of Eden” and Big Finish #27 “The One Doctor”.

The final FNW of January (1/25) features Sylvester McCoy in “The Happiness Patrol”.

And show #109 will be our reviews of “The Happiness Patrol” and Big Finish #25 “Colditz”.

February is still a bit of a jumble with Gally smack dab in the middle of it, but I can hint that  we’ll have our first official comic book review (it may also have something to do with Star Trek), a show about crafty Whovians, if all goes well some interviews, and of course, more reviews.

As always, thank you so much listeners, for your faith and feedback.