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Friday Night Who 11/29

The Five Doctors


Since we just got a multi-Doctor anniversary episode with “Day of the Doctor” and will be discussing the Big Finish anniversary “The Light At the End” we figured it would be appropriate to continue the trend with “The Five Doctors” for Friday Night Who!

Join @TravelVortex, @VortexKeith, @VortexGlenn & @VortexShaun as they tweet along to the Special Edition (The 1999 DVD release and Disc 2 in the 2008 25th Anniversary release) at Midnight CST!

Keep an eye out for the hashtags #FridayNightWho & #TheFiveDoctors!

“A man is the sum of his memories. A Time Lord even more so.”

Silence Will Fall When The Schedule Is Posted

While the rest of Whoville catches their collective breaths after the 50th, here at Traveling The Vortex, we still have miles to go before we sleep.

First up is a surprise addition to the schedule, our impromptu “Who With Friends” will be doing “The Three Doctors” sometime this week, keep an eye on @VortexKeith twitter feed for details.

Officially, if you’re not all tuckered out from Thanksgiving turkey and Black Friday shopping, Friday Night Who on 11/29 will be “The Five Doctors (Special Edition)”.

Our show this week (TTV #153) covers the audio goodness of Big Finish with a detailed look at “The Light At The End”.

Join us in sending all our love to long ago.  William Hartnell’s swan song “The Tenth Planet” is Friday Night Who 12/6.

That sets up TTV #154 to be Cybermen Archive IV, as we review “The Tenth Planet”, and Big Finish #34 “Spare Parts”.

FNW 12/13 brings us Christopher Eccelston in “The Long Game”.

Which sets up TTV #155 where we’ll cover the ending of IDW Prisoners Of Time comic with a look at issues 11 and 12.  And since December is our month to celebrate the 11th Doctor… (or is it twelfth now? HA! Traveling The Vortex had it right all along!) we’ll discuss Doctor Who Revisited: the 11th Doctor.

Just prior to Christmas, on 12/20 Friday Night Who celebrates with “The Doctor, The Widow & The Wardrobe”.

We continue our 11th Doctor celebrations in TTV #156 with a look at Big Finish “Destiny Of The Doctor: The Time Machine”, and our retrospective 50th Anniversary Discussion over the 11th Doctor Era.

Friday Night Who heralds the arrival of Peter Capaldi on 12/27 with “The Fires Of Pompeii”.

And we round out the year with TTV #157 and our discussion of the 2013 Xmas Special, which if I know Moffat (and I do kids, oh yes, I do) will be called “Silent Night”.

And that brings us up to 2014, and our (gulp) third year of the podcast.  As always we thank you, our listeners and fans for keeping us around, keeping us honest, keeping us humble… and sharing the love.

Goodnight everybody!





What?  You want a hint of next year?  Really?  Do I have to keep doing that sneak peak thing?  I mean it was cute and clever a few times, but you really want more?  (sigh) Okay, okay.  January is still in a state of temporal flux while DVD release dates are hammered out, but you might want to make sure a certain trilogy is in your catalogue, least you be left in E-Space…

Schedule X Redux

We have some changes to the recently posted Tenth Doctor celebration month additions and or changes will be in bold.

FNW 11/1 is the recently released “Terror Of The Zygons” staring Tom Baker for countdown spot No. 4.

And then TTV #149 will have our review of “Terror Of The Zygons”.

We reach number three on the countdown for Friday Night Who on 11/8 with Jon Pertwee in “The Daemons”.

We’ll cover “The Daemons” in episode #150… and IDW Comic’s “Prisoners Of Time 10″ and holly cow, that’s a nice even number, so it’s time for another EPIVERSARY!

I know you’re all excited to hear our thoughts on the just recovered Troughton episodes, but it’ll have to wait just a bit longer. (Trust us, the suspense is killing us as well.) 11/15 Friday Night Who is “The Dominators”.

TTV #151 has us return to the 10th Doctor celebrations as we look at Doctor Who Revisited 10, and have our 50th Anniversary Discussion over the 10th Doctor Era.

Coming in at number one on the countdown (chronologically speaking), Friday Night Who on 11/22 takes us back to where it all began with “An Unearthly Child”.

And then the big one, #SaveTheDay for TTV #152 and our look at “The Day Of The Doctor (50th Anniversary Special)”

Assuming we are have not won the lottery and are not at Chicago Tardis this year, FNW on 11/29 will continue the multi-Doctor anniversary celebrations with “The Five Doctors” 

We can’t contain all the anniversary celebrations in one episode so TTV #153 will be our thoughts on Big Finish’s Epic Story “The Light at the End”

We start December with the just released “The Tenth Planet” for FNW on 12/06.

And an announcement to cheer up Keith over the impending loss of Matt Smith, TTV #154 will be our Cybermen Archive IV! Covering “The Tenth Planet”, and at long last, Big Finish #34 “Spare Parts”.

That takes us slightly into December when we’ll begin our celebrations (or mourning) of the Eleventh Doctor era.  Stay tuned, true believer!

Happy Belated Birthday Richard Hurndall

“Okay, really, this is becoming a bit of a habbit, isnt it?  The constantly running late?  What is this, Vortex Time?  Am I being punished for something?  Why cant you just take me to the date I asked for instead of dropping me off later when I cant be proactive?  Hmmm?  I swear it’s like you have a mind of your own, silly old thing.”

Sorry, just had to have a brief discussion with Traveling The Vortex’s birthday TARDIS, which refuses to behave and consequently, we missed another one.  November 3rd would have been the late Richard Hurndall’s “Bilbo Bagins” birthday, (as in one hundred and eleventh). 

Richard stood in for William Harntell as the first Doctor in the 20th anniversary special, “The Five Doctors”.  Happy birthday!

Episode 33 – The Episode Of Rassilon

Here it is, and back on time this week. Recorded from our new studio digs (or in other word’s Shaun and Keith’s place) is this week’s show. This time, we review The Five Doctors.

Not much news going on this week, well of course with the exception of Keith moving in with Shaun, and now I only have a 2 minute commute as opposed to a 20 minute commute to record on Sunday. Can you tell how happy I am that Keith moved?

Also, your feedback!

* The Retraction Of Rassilon: Wanting to stem the flow of corrections early, we got into a bit of a quagmire over the name of Patrick Troughton’s son in this episode.  Turns out he has 2, David Troughton is an actor who, among other credits played King Peladon in “The Curse Of Peladon” and his younger brother Michael Troughton is currently at work on a biography of his late father due out in November.

Five Doctors For Friday Night Who 8/12/11

This is it.  This is THE BIG ONE! #FridayNightWho tonight at midnight CDT features William Hartnell, Richard Hurndall, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker AND Peter Davison in #TheFiveDoctors.  We’ll be watching the Special Edition version, so follow @vortexKeith, @vortexglenn @vortexshaun and @travelvortex for the Tweet-A-Long, and look for the hashtags!