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Episode 182 – My Own Worst Enemy

TTV Logo 1400In this week’s show we finally get a chance to sit down and examine the, until recently, missing Second Doctor story, The Enemy of the World. We give our impression of this gem which has been unavailable in it’s entirety for more than forty years.

Also, some really good news from Doctor Who actress Janet Fielding who played Tegan Jovanka in the series. Plus other news happening this week in the Doctor Who Universe.

And, of course, your feedback.


Mentioned in this week’s show:

Britishfest in Omaha, NE

Friday Night Who 6/13

Not long ago we watched recently recovered episodes “The Web of Fear” now we get to the other story recovered… “The Enemy of the World”

Since this is a 6-parter we are only watching the first 3 this week.

Join @TravelVortex@VortexShaun@VortexKeith & @VortexGlenn as we press play at Midnight CDT!

Keep an eye out for the hashtags #FridayNightWho & #TheEnemeyoftheWorld

A Schedule Update While Waiting For An Update

While hammering out some details on our upcoming appearance at British Fest at the end of June, here’s the run up schedule.  Once we have some confirmation, I’ll post it up through July.


Friday Night Who on 6/13 is the first three parts of  “The Enemy Of The World”.

For show #181 we’ll be covering two Big Finish Audios staring Paul McGann,  #83 “Something Inside” and #88 “Memory Lane”.

We’ll conclude “The Enemy Of The World” for Friday Night Who with parts 4-6 on 6/20.

…and then we’ll discuss Patrick Troughton’s dual performance in “The Enemy Of The World”  on TTV #182.

The following week is British Fest, so we’ll let you know once we get the details nailed down!

Nigerian Banking Pays Off

1393494_734413269906036_972173773_nThe BBC announced today that 2 “Missing” Doctor Who adventures have been found!

That’s right after much speculation of episodes being found it was announced that 9 episodes of Patrick Troughton’s Era have been recovered:

Film recordings of eleven episodes of Doctor Who – nine of which were considered ‘lost’ – have been discovered in Nigeria.

All six episodes of The Enemy of the World and five of The Web of Fear were found by Phillip Morris, director of Television International Enterprises Archive, in a television relay station in Jos, central Nigeria.

Morris tracked records of shipments made by the BBC to Africa, that contained tapes for transmission. BBC Worldwide is currently re-mastering these episodes to restore them to the fantastic quality that audiences expect from Doctor Who.

You can now purchase them on iTunes right now.

They will also be released on DVD, but no word on a US release date for either.

Below are two trailers for the stories and for MUCH more information visit www.doctorwho.tv