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The Schedule Awakens

Playing hunches abounds in our Friday Night Who choices to finish out this season, so without further ado, here’s what we have on tap for those of you that like to follow along at home…

Friday Night Who on 11/27 is the 5th Doctor Peter Davidson starring “Arc Of Infinity.”

Our show for episode #257 will have our thoughts and reviews of “Heaven Sent.”

FNW on 12/4 is David Tennant’s 10th Doctor in “End Of Time” and “End Of Time, Part 2”.

TTV #258 sees us finish out series 9 with “Hell Bent.”

Friday Night Who goes back to old school on 12/11 with the 2nd Doctor Patrick Troughton in “The War Games”,  Parts 1-5.

And just in time to finish up your christmas shopping, our third Fun & Games episode will take a look at Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit, and Lego Dimensions: The Dalek Extermination Of Earth in TTV #259.

FNW 12/18 finishes “The War Games” with Parts 6-10.

More book reviews in TTV #260, including the Lethbridge-Stewart short stories: Ambush, Legacies, and One Cold Step, and our “Spoiler filled” Book Review of Lethbridge-Stewart: The Schizoid Earth by David McIntee.

Returning to where it all started all those years ago, Friday Night Who on 12/25 is Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor in “A Christmas Carol.”

And our last episode of the year will have our thoughts on the (as of this writing) still unnamed 2015 Christmas Special in TTV #261.

Next year, we’ll start back up with our series of looking Beyond The Doctor, more Big Finish Audio adventures, more Comic and Book Reviews, and we’ll start looking into the lost episodes through reckons. And of course we still have many episodes left to review. Thanks again to all our loyal regulars for sticking with us, and thanks to all our non-regulars who stop in from time to time to check in with us. And if you’ve just discovered our cast, thank you as well!

Episode 57 – The End Of Spoilers

We have reached a milestone in out more than a year worth of reviews here on Traveling the Vortex, Keith has finally seen all of the new series to date.

In this week’s show we tackle the epic two-parter The End of Time. Find out our impressions of the last outing of David Tennant. We take a different approach and present our views right along side yours as we read out your thoughts on the story.

Also, our reaction to this week’s news items in the Whoniverse.


Links mentioned in the show:
Planet Comicon
Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

Friday Night Who 1/27/12

Tonight is the end.

The end of Russell T. Davies tenure on the show.

The end of David Tennant.

The end of the specials.

The end of an era.

The end of new Who for Keith.

The end of time…

Join @travelvortex, @VortexKeith, @vortexglenn and @vortexshaun for the live tweet-a-long with #TheEndOfTime part one and two for #FridayNightWho.  We push play at midnight, CST.

We will also be taking a 5 minute break between parts so that those watching on DVD/BluRay can switch disks.

Scheduled Stops In The Vortex

Just to update everyone on the upcoming Traveling The Vortex topics so that you can continue to follow along…

This weeks Friday Night Who is the end of the specials, the end of New Who for Kieth, and “The End Of Time, Part 1 and 2” which we’ll discuss on this week’s episode #57.

Friday Night Who on 2/3 is our first FNW with Christopher Eccleston, as we watch Series One’s “Dalek” in preparation for episode #58, a look at the Time War.

Then, on 2/8 we’ll jump to the Peter Davison era by starting the Black Guardian Trilogy. This week is “Mawdryn Undead”.

Our discussion for episode #59 will be a retrospective look back over Russell T. Davies tenure on the show, and we’ll cover series 1-4 plus the specials.

Friday Night Who on 2/17 falls right in the middle of Gallifrey One’s Network 23 convention, but that won’t stop us from watching “Terminus”.

Episode #60 will be a full report of Shaun’s experiences at Gally, (But look for some Side Trips as Shaun reports live from Gally all that week!)

On 2/24, we’ll complete the Black Guardian Trilogy on Friday Night Who with “Enlightenment”.

And episode #61 will be our complete recap of the Black Guardian Trilogy, as we talk about all three episodes.

And the future?  Well, always in motion is the future.  (But I can let slip that it involves the return of the Cybermen, a companion archive, and more Big Finish audios.)

Happy New Vortex Schedule

Hope 2012 is starting off great for everyone, we’ve got (we hope) some fun things planned for this year, starting with our show tonight, (#53) in which we’ll cover the first three Paul McGann audio adventures from Big Finish, #16 Storm Warning, #17 The Sword Of Orion, and #18 The Stones Of Venice.

There’s been a change in the program line up for Friday Night Who on 1/6, instead of our previously listed “The Seeds Of Death” we’ll be jumping ahead to “The Curse Of Peladon” with 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee

Traveling The Vortex episode #54 has our discussion of the animated story “Dreamland” and the first of the specials, “The Next Doctor”.

Friday Night Who for 1/13 follows with the Pertwee adventure, “The Monster Of Peladon”

We continue working through the specials with TTV #55, covering “Planet Of The Dead” and “The Waters Of Mars”

Then Friday Night Who on 1/20 will be the delayed Patrick Troughton episode “The Seeds Of Death”

Our 56th episode will be an Adversary Archive featuring the fearsome Ice Warriors, as we go back and recap the last three weeks with “Curse Of Peladon”, “Monster Of Peladon” and “Seeds Of Death”

To round out January, join us on 1/27 for Friday Night Who featuring the last David Tennant story, “The End Of Time Part 1 and 2”

And then we’ll spend a whole episode talking about that epic story, (and the fact that Keith will have now seen ALL of new Who).

As always, thank you for listening!