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Friday Night Who 5/31/13

$T2eC16ZHJG8E9nyfoTqqBRF)CKwIzw~~60_35We wrap up the end of May with ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston in The End Of The World for  Friday Night Who.  This one is on Netflix and various other sources, so you’ve got no excuse not to join us!

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Summer Scheduling

Finalizing the schedule for this next chunk still took some doing, so without further ado…

Friday Night Who on 5/17 features Sylvester McCoy in “Remembrance Of The Daleks”.

With the release of STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS this week, Shaun gives us another side trip into that universe, “Star Trek 102 – The Movies”.

Then on episode #125 of Traveling The Vortex we’ll discuss IDW Comic’s Star Trek/Doctor Who cross over “Assimilation 2”, and the final episode of series 7, “The Name Of The Doctor”.

FNW on 5/24 is “Robot” with Tom Baker.

TTV #126 is all fourth Doctor, as we discuss BBC America’s Doctor Who Revisited 4, Big Finish and Audio Go’s “Destiny Of The Doctor 4”, and have our 50th Anniversary Discussion covering the fourth Doctor Era.

On 5/31, FNW will feature Christopher Eccleston in “The End Of The World”.

We return to the divergent universe with Paul McGann for TTV #127, discussing Big Finish main line episodes #61 “Faith Stealer” and #62 “The Last”.

FNW 6/7 is Peri’s origin as told in “Planet Of Fire” with Peter Davison.

Traveling The Vortex #128 has our reviews of “Planet Of Fire” and Big Finish #24, “The Eye Of The Scorpion”.

Release on DVD here in North America on June 11 is “Inferno” with Jon Pertwee, so we’ll cover it for Friday Night Who on 6/14. (At least the first four parts, anyway.)

Our show that week (TTV #129) will be a fifth Doctor discussion, covering IDWs “Prisoners Of Time 5”, Doctor Who Revisited 5 and Big Finish/Audio Go’s “Destiny Of The Doctor 5”.

We conclude “Inferno” parts 5-7 for FNW on 6/21.

and episode #130 covers “Inferno” and wraps up our 5th Doctor celebration with our  50th Anniversary Discussion of his era.