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We kick off August with Series 6 episode the Doctor’s Wife starting at Midnight CDT. Join @TravelVortex, @VortexKeith, @VortexShaun & @VortexGlenn for the tweet along! Don’t forget the hashtags #TheDoctorsWife & #FridayNightWho

As promised, the long awaited update for what’s coming up on the Vortex for the next month or so. Tonight (7/26) our Friday Night Who concludes the epic Trial Of A Time Lord with “The Ultimate Foe”. Traveling The Vortex episode #135 includes our thoughts on “The Ultimate Foe”, our overall impressions of the “Trial […]

Giving all of you who follow along at home a jump on the next block of scheduling… For Friday Night Who on 6/14 is the first four parts of the infamous “Inferno” with Jon Pertwee, (which releases in a special edition on the 11th…) TTV #129 will include our reviews of IDW Prisoners Of Time […]

Grab those BINGO cards! This week we review the fan filled story, The Doctor’s Wife. But first a review of the fourth installment of our ongoing ‘Seven Weeks for Seven Doctors’ series with the Fourth Doctor story, Pyramids of Mars. The challenge continues with lots of listener feedback as well. We love all the attention! […]