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Friday Night Who 10/24

Continuing to stretch to make our Friday Night Who episodes fit into Series 8…since the next episode deals with trees…we decided to watch a story with tree people! That’s right, “The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe” returns!


Join @TravelVortex@VortexShaun@VortexKeith & @VortexGlenn as we press play at Midnight CDT.

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This Schedule Takes Us Into Darkness

As this is posted it’s Easter Saturday! Also know as August 23rd, the triumphant day that the 12th Doctor in the form of Peter Capaldi makes his fully fledged debut. So you know in Episode 191 we will be discussing Deep Breath and our initial reaction to the newest incarnation.

But you already knew that if you’re a listener to the show. And by deductive logic you also know what the next 12 episodes of the podcast will be about. But what about Friday Night Who? The 3 of us (but mostly Shaun) have scoured the internet (without spoiling ourselves too much) to try our best to match up some previous stories with what’s happening in Series 8. Being as we don’t have official synopsis for all the episodes some may be way off base, but hey we tried. By now if you haven’t already skipped forward to see what’s coming up are wanting to see what we have planned. So without further ado…the Vortex schedule without our reasoning…and WITH episode titles if you find that sort of thing spoilers.

For Friday Night Who on August 29th  we will watch the Sixth Doctor story “Revelation of the Daleks” starring Colin Baker.

For Episode #192 of the podcast we will be discussing the second episode of series 8, “Into the Dalek”.

The first Friday Night Who in September brings us to the Fourth Doctor’s era in the middle of the Key to Time series, with “The Androids of Tara” starring Tom Baker.

The following podcast, episode #193 will have us discussing the 3rd episode of the season, “Robots of Sherwood”.

The 12th of September we will jump forward to the Ninth Doctor’s era with “The Unquiet Dead” staring Christopher Eccelston.

Episode #194 will see us reviewing episode 4….”Listen”.

Friday Night Who for September 19th brings us to a story where we first meet someone else from the Doctor’s home planet in “The Time Meddler” staring the First Doctor William Hartnell.

Episode 5, “Time Heist” of Series 8 brings us to Episode #195 of the podcast.

The last Friday Night Who in September  brings a clash of “new” Who and “classic” Who in the Tenth Doctor story “School Reunion” staring David Tennant and the much loved and missed Elisabeth Sladen on the 26th.

Episode #196 of the podcast will be dedicated to the 6th episode of series 8…”The Caretaker”. Hard to believe we’re now halfway through the season.

We start out October Friday Night Whos with “Planet of Fire” on the 3rd starring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor.

The second half of the season starts off with what looks like a bang in an episode titled “Kill the Moon” and we’ll discuss the moral implications of killing a non-sentient hunk of rock (or you know just review it) in episode #197 of the podcast.

The 10th of October brings us our first repeat Doctor for Friday Night Who so far this season with one of Glenn’s favorites “The Pyramids of Mars” starring Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor.

Episode #198 of the podcast has us reviewing episode 8 of the season “Mummy on the Orient Express”

Brittany will be happy that the Third Doctor get’s his go during Friday Night Who on October 17th in “Carnival of Monsters”

And we will discuss episode 9 “Flatline” on podcast #199…holy crap we’re about to hit a milestone!

Matt Smith makes his return to Friday Night Who since we started this season in “The Doctor, the Widow & the Wardrobe” on October 24th.

Let’s hope Episode 10, “In the Forest of the Night” is a good one, because that’s what we’re discussing in our 200th episode of the podcast!!! A Major epiversary!!! Thanks to everyone who’s listened and kept us going to 200 episodes. You all are wonderful people!

Our Halloween Friday Night Who won’t be as scary as it normally would be…but if you don’t own it, the cost could scare your wallet…we start the first 4 episodes of “the Invasion” starring Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor.

This is it folks…the 2 part season finale! Episode #201 will have us discussing the first part…”Dark Water”.

We start November by finishing up “The Invasion” parts 5-8 on the 7th.

And we end the season on episode #202 discussing “Death in Heaven” and likely the season as a whole.

As for what’s ahead for the end of the year…well you know we have some catching up to do on the Puffin EBooks and whatever else Shaun has up his sleeve.

Friday Night Who 12/20



We celebrate Christmas a little early this week with Friday Night Who in the 2011 Christmas special “The Doctor The Widow and the Wardobe”

Join us in our holiday festivities when we press play at Midnight CST!

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Silence Will Fall When The Schedule Is Posted

While the rest of Whoville catches their collective breaths after the 50th, here at Traveling The Vortex, we still have miles to go before we sleep.

First up is a surprise addition to the schedule, our impromptu “Who With Friends” will be doing “The Three Doctors” sometime this week, keep an eye on @VortexKeith twitter feed for details.

Officially, if you’re not all tuckered out from Thanksgiving turkey and Black Friday shopping, Friday Night Who on 11/29 will be “The Five Doctors (Special Edition)”.

Our show this week (TTV #153) covers the audio goodness of Big Finish with a detailed look at “The Light At The End”.

Join us in sending all our love to long ago.  William Hartnell’s swan song “The Tenth Planet” is Friday Night Who 12/6.

That sets up TTV #154 to be Cybermen Archive IV, as we review “The Tenth Planet”, and Big Finish #34 “Spare Parts”.

FNW 12/13 brings us Christopher Eccelston in “The Long Game”.

Which sets up TTV #155 where we’ll cover the ending of IDW Prisoners Of Time comic with a look at issues 11 and 12.  And since December is our month to celebrate the 11th Doctor… (or is it twelfth now? HA! Traveling The Vortex had it right all along!) we’ll discuss Doctor Who Revisited: the 11th Doctor.

Just prior to Christmas, on 12/20 Friday Night Who celebrates with “The Doctor, The Widow & The Wardrobe”.

We continue our 11th Doctor celebrations in TTV #156 with a look at Big Finish “Destiny Of The Doctor: The Time Machine”, and our retrospective 50th Anniversary Discussion over the 11th Doctor Era.

Friday Night Who heralds the arrival of Peter Capaldi on 12/27 with “The Fires Of Pompeii”.

And we round out the year with TTV #157 and our discussion of the 2013 Xmas Special, which if I know Moffat (and I do kids, oh yes, I do) will be called “Silent Night”.

And that brings us up to 2014, and our (gulp) third year of the podcast.  As always we thank you, our listeners and fans for keeping us around, keeping us honest, keeping us humble… and sharing the love.

Goodnight everybody!





What?  You want a hint of next year?  Really?  Do I have to keep doing that sneak peak thing?  I mean it was cute and clever a few times, but you really want more?  (sigh) Okay, okay.  January is still in a state of temporal flux while DVD release dates are hammered out, but you might want to make sure a certain trilogy is in your catalogue, least you be left in E-Space…

2012 Who DVD Releases

According to www.tvshowsondvd.com the BBC have announced two more titles to the line up for this year, “The Daemons” and “Carnival Of Monsters: Special Edition” both starring Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor, and Katy Manning as Jo Grant.  You can find more on the releases here.

These titles, likely to be released April 10th, join the already announced slate:



#007 “The Sensorites” – William Hartnell

#136 “The Caves Of Adrozani: Special Edition” – Peter Davison

#226 “The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe” – Matt Smith (DVD & BLU RAY)



#037 “Tomb Of The Cybermen: Special Edition” – Patrick Troughton

#064 “The Three Doctors: Special Edition” – Jon Pertwee

#089 “Face Of Evil” – Tom Baker

#090 “Robots Of Death: Special Edition” – Tom Baker


Episode 52 – Hurtling Towards Earth In A Space Suit

We’ve been waiting a few months now and Sunday finally brought us a terrific Christmas present – NEW DOCTOR WHO!

In this weeks episode we review The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe. *In keeping with Vortex policies, anything that has officially aired is fair game for review, BUT for those of you who live in areas where it hasn’t aired yet, SPOILER ALERT!  And we have a special guest in studio this week. A regular listener (and my cousin) Jon Boy joins us for this week;s show.

We also talk about our initial impressions of the Doctor Who: Worlds in Time open preview. And of course, your feedback. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday!


Links mentioned in the show:

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time
Doctor Who Re-incarnated
Boxing Day wiki

Christmas With The Doctor

In all the excitement building up over “The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe” we forgot to mention that it is airing on BBC America day and date with it’s BBC counterpart station overseas.  So, for those of us on the America side of the pond, it will air Christmas Day at 8pm central, and on BBC one in England, 7pm (that’s 1pm our time.)  Space will air the special in Canada the next day.

Also for subscribers of BBC America, you can spend all day with the Doctor, starting at 6am Central when the channel will re-run ALL of series six in it’s entirety, and in order!  Merry Christmas!

Down The Vortex Way Come Christmas

As 2011 winds down, we’re getting all wound up.  This week’s Friday Night Who closes out David Tennant’s series four with the E P I C two part story “The Stolen Earth” and “Journey’s End”, which will be the topic of discussion for episode 51. (And barring any more Doctor Who episodes rescued from the lost and found, should result in a lively, if shorter discussion this week than last week’s behemoth-lurking-as-a-podcast anniversary special.)

The following week is Christmas, and how appropriate that for Friday Night Who (which since we start at midnight on Friday technically means first thing Christmas Eve) we’ll hit the most Christmassy of all Christmas specials with “A Christmas Carol.”  It’s the eleventh Doctor’s first time on FNW, so join us for some fun!  Also, a special note.  We will be doing a “LIVE” recording that night, putting together a special Christmas episode.  40% podcast, 50% audio commentary on the episode, 30% candy canes and all kinds of fun (Wonka math, gotta love it!)  So be sure to join us on Twitter for the Tweet-A-Long and we’ll read your comments out on the podcast.  This is not our normal show, (or part of the podcast line up) just holiday greetings from us to you!

Since we’ve already reviewed “A Christmas Carol” (all the way back in episode 1!) Episode 52 will in fact cover Matt Smith’s NEWEST Christmas special, “The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe”, as it airs on Christmas day and we’ll be recording Christmas night!

The following week is New Years Eve, and what better way to spend Friday Night Who than with Paul McGann’s eighth Doctor, ushering in the millennium in “Doctor Who: The Movie”?  Again, we’ve already reviewed it, (see episode 7) but its a perfect primer for episode 53, our first foray into the world of Big Finish Audio.  And who better to hold our hand for the transition, than the eighth Doctor?  In true Traveling The Vortex style we plan to skip around their universe a bit too, but we’ll be reviewing the first three McGann stories from the main line; “Storm Warning”, “The Sword Of Orion”, and “The Stones Of Venice” (numbers #16, 17, and 18 in the chronology).  So you’ve got two weeks to listen!

And the new year has plenty of good stuff on tap, including an Adversary Archive on the Ice Warriors, a farewell to David Tennant as we conclude the specials, a full blown look at the Time War, more Big Finish audio, and the return of the Black Guardian. I’ll go into more details later, but for now can only say “Spoilers.”


12/16 – Friday Night Who: “The Stolen Earth” / “Journey’s End”

TTV #51 – “The Stolen Earth” / “Journey’s End”

12/23 – FNW: “A Christmas Carol”

TTV Christmas Greetings (With our audio commentary for “A Christmas Carol”)

TTV #52 – “The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe”

12/30 – FNW: “Doctor Who: The Movie”

– 2012 –

TTV #53 – Big Finish Stories #16 “Storm Warning”, #17 “The Sword Of Orion”, #18 “The Stones Of Venice”

1/6 – Friday Night Who: “The Seeds Of Death”


Hope you can join us for the fun, and as always, THANK YOU for listening!