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Actor Bernard Horsfall Dies, Aged 82

Doctor_Who_and_James_Bond_actor_Bernard_Horsfall_dies_aged_82It’s always sad to report on a death, but this time seems especially hard for me for some reason.  Actor Bernard Horsfall has died at the age of 82.  He appeared in 14 episodes of Doctor Who spread over 4 story arcs, appearing with the second, third and fourth Doctors.  His first appearance came in the 1968 story “The Mind Robber”, where he played Lemuel Gulliver in the Land of Fiction.  He returned as the First Time Lord in “The War Games” and again opposite Jon Pertwee as Taron the Thal in “Planet Of The Daleks”.

His final role in Doctor Who is arguably his most famous, playing Chancellor Goth in the 1976 story “The Deadly Assassin”. His most famous scene involved a battle with the fourth Doctor inside the Matrix with the climax of one episode showing the Doctor being held underwater by Goth.


He returned to the world of Doctor Who in 2003 in the Big Finish audio play, “Davros”.  The actor was due to attend the 2013 Gallifrey One convention next month, and I was very much looking forward to meeting him. He collapsed and died this morning.

Happy Birthday Peter, Bruno and Timothy!

The march of the March babies just keeps parading in, and today we celebrate another two-fer.

Today marks what would have been the late Peter Pratt’s 89th birthday.  Pratt was the second actor to play the Master, following Roger Delgado.  He was buried under a lot of make up and ping-pong ball eyes in 1975’s “The Deadly Assassin”.

Also celebrating today is Bruno Langley who played short-term companion Adam Mitchell in “Dalek” and “The Long Game”.  He turns 29 today.

Rounding out the birthday list is Rassilon himself (from End of Time) Timothy Dalton! How fitting that with all our James Bond tangenting of late about the secret agent. One of the 007s himself turns 68. Happy birthday to him!