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Episode 191 – Every Breath You Take

TTV-Logo-1400-150x150The wait is finally over and Doctor Who is back on our TV screens.

This week, we look at the first episode of Series Eight, Deep Breath, and give our opinions on the story, the return of the series, and of course, the new Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi.

Plus, we take a peek at what’s news this week.

And, we’ll discuss our ASL Ice Bucket Challenge.

Oh, and of course, your feedback.


Links mentioned in the show:

Time Traveller Boyfriend | 5WF & iamprikle | MASHED
Princess Jellyfish

Episode 105 – Coming Soon – Strax!

NEW_TTV_LOGO_200After many delays we present our end-of-the-year/beginning-of-the-year show. In this week’s episode a look at the long awaited Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Snowmen

Our review of the story and reaction to an article Shaun brought up last week on how Steven Moffat treats women characters in the series.

Also, some sad news with the passing of a composer.

And, of course, your feedback!


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