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Ode To A Myrka

Poor misunderstood nightmare from the abyss!
Why must they sneer and laugh when they should tremble in fear?
Do they not see the power rippling beneath your glistening rubber flanks
or the strength of those lumbering limbs?
Watertight bulkhead doors are no match for you!
Can they not feel the static crackling in the air generated by your very presence
as they wait for the shock of your electric hug?
Transfixed by your unflinching stare or fleeing in terror,
firing ineffectual weapons in retreat, the outcome is all but assured.
You are the battering ram, the tip of the spear,
the advance chaos clearing the way for Sea Devil shock troops.
A Silurian’s best friend,
Monster, myth, mesmerizing mediocrity.
My mighty, maligned Myrka.