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Christmas With The Doctor

In all the excitement building up over “The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe” we forgot to mention that it is airing on BBC America day and date with it’s BBC counterpart station overseas.  So, for those of us on the America side of the pond, it will air Christmas Day at 8pm central, and on BBC one in England, 7pm (that’s 1pm our time.)  Space will air the special in Canada the next day.

Also for subscribers of BBC America, you can spend all day with the Doctor, starting at 6am Central when the channel will re-run ALL of series six in it’s entirety, and in order!  Merry Christmas!

Keith & Shaun’s Doctor Who Shrine

As Chrissy pointed out we spent a lot of time in episode 42 of Traveling the Vortex talking about the new Doctor Who acquisitions and we should post pictures of them. Well as we promised in Episode 43 here they are! First up is the entire “shrine”

We also have a nice collection of Doctors with a TARDIS bank

And how can you have Doctors without their adversaries?

Then the adorable Character Building Mini Figures Cybermen and Amy Pond.

And to wrap up this long post pictures of the new action figure additions (Silence, 11th Doctor with Stetson, and Nephew) and a picture that I got while in Omaha for Contagion Outbreak.

Episode 42 – Life, the Universe, and Steven Moffat

Series Six is “in the can”, as they say, and now a chance to fondly look back over the Matt Smith/Steven Moffat era thus far.

In this episode we review the last two years and take an over all look at Series Five and Six as a whole, and the state of Doctor Who with Moffat at the helm.

Also, a Galley and Chicago Tardis update, news, and of course your feedback.


Links mentioned in the show:

Chicago TARDIS 2011

Gallifrey 2012: Network 23

Spike Scream Awards


Episode 40 – Who Knows What Evil Lurks

After a terrific 13 week run, Series Six finally wraps with The Wedding of River Song. We’ll let you know what we thought about this year’s season finale.

Plus, another finale as well for The Key To Time series with The Armageddon Factor.

Also, news about the end of Doctor Who Confidential, and of course your feedback.

Links from this show:

Save Doctor Who Confidential – The Petition

Save Doctor Who Confidential – The Twibbon

Episode 22 – The Almost Podcast

We call this week’s episode, The Almost Podcast because some listeners will hear almost all of the show before they have to wait another week to hear our review of The Almost People. That’s right, our policy here at Traveling the Vortex is, if it’s aired in the U.K., we’re going to talk about it. So please keep that in mind when listening to this week’s show.

However, there is still plenty for the North American folks to enjoy. We also review the subject of last week’s Seven Weeks for Seven Doctors, Vengeance on Varos, starring the Sixth Doctor and Peri.

Surprisingly, there was no actual feedback this week, however, we do read out a couple of comments that are in reaction to BBC America and SPACE’s decision to delay Series Six for one week for the Memorial Day holiday.

A Holiday Delay In Regularly Scheduled Programing

The gang at Radio Free Skaro are reporting that due to Memorial Day, BBC America will be delaying the broadcast of Doctor Who that weekend.  You can read their story here.

Series 6 will get a gap between episodes 5 & 6.  As partial compensation for the delay, BBC America will show a Doctor Who marathon on May 28th, featuring the entire run of Series 5 and all of Series 6 to date, including an encore presentation of The Rebel Flesh, but skipping over A Christmas Carol.

Here at Traveling The Vortex, we haven’t had a chance to react to this news, let alone figure out what this means for our current Seven Weeks for Seven Doctors line up with Friday Night WHO.  We’ll keep you posted.