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British Fest This Weekend! 7/10 -7/12

1432662010181Our friend Moose is putting on Second Britishfest in Omaha, Nebraska / Council Bluffs, Iowa on July 10-12 and Keith and Shaun will be there representing Traveling The Vortex on Saturday & Sunday.

Not only can you come see us, but friend of the show Simon Fisher-Becker (Dorium Moldavar), a full blown 4th Doctor Tardis console, Patrick Troughton look-a-like and 2nd Doctor impersonator Bill Breuer, The Timey Wimey Puppet Show, a whole heap of Daleks, and of course, all things British.

We’ll be hosting a live version of Friday Night Who at the con, but WITH A TWIST! It will actually happen on Saturday, at 10pm instead of Friday night at midnight. We are watching “A Good Man Goes To War” in honor/celebration of Simon being at the con, and who knows, he might just stop in for some insights of his own…

More details available at the website: www.britishfest.com

Saturday Night Who 6/28

This week we won’t be doing a Friday Night Who, since we will be at British Fest (come see us if you’re in the area). Instead we are moving Friday Night Who to Saturday Night!

Doctor WhoJoin us as we press play at Midnight CDT of the 50th Anniversary Special “The Day of the Doctor!”

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