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Side Trip 15 – A Visit from St. Nick

TTV-Logo-1400-150x150Surprise and Merry Christmas! We thought we’d do a little something special for our listeners this year and release our own Christmas special. In this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special, the Twelfth Doctor will be visited by Santa Claus. So, we decided to compile our review of four stories where the Doctor has encountered the ‘right jolly ol’ elf” in previous adventures.

First, a look at the December 1965 TV Comic story featuring the First Doctor called simply, A Christmas Story.

Then, we review the short story adventure, The Man Who (Nearly) Killed Christmas, featuring the Second Doctor.

Next, the Third Doctor decides to give Sarah Jane Smith a Christmas treat by introducing her to Kris Kringle in the short story, A Visit from Saint Nicholas.

And finally, the Eleventh Doctor rescues Santa and Christmas itself in the IDW comic, Silent Knight.

We hope you enjoy this special Christmas goody to bring you more holiday cheer.

Merry Christmas!