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Episode 309 – The Cyberiad of Rassilon

In this week’s episode we look at two mini-series from Titan Comics. First, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane come face to face with Medusa in the Five issue story, Gaze of the Medusa. Hear what we thought of the story that takes our heroes back to ancient Greece to do battle with the popular Gorgon and meet the Gods of Old.

Then, we review this years multi-Doctor event from Titan, Supremacy of the Cybermen. We give our impressions on the return of two old foes in an epic event that finds the Universe at threat by the silver menaces.

Plus, lot’s of news to talk about this week.

And, we have a SPOILER-FREE review of the latest Star Wars film, Rouge One.

Oh, and of course, your feedback.


Episode 216 – War is Upon Us

TTV-Logo-1400-150x150In this week’s show it’s just Keith and Glenn. Shaun is still enjoying the Gallifrey One Doctor Who convention and will return with Mel next week. So, as has become a tradition with us, we are doing a book review this week. This time it’s an outing with the War Doctor and his new companion, Cinder in the novel Engines of War. Keith an I give our impression on this novel by George Mann and published by BBC Doctor Who Books.

Also, some news of the week, including some exciting news out of Big Finish productions.

And of course, your feedback.


Happy Birthday Peter, Bruno and Timothy!

Today marks the birthdays of a trio of Who actors:


Peter Pratt menaced fourth Doctor Tom Baker as the Master in 1977’s “The Deadly Assassin”.


Bruno Langly (guest at next year’s Gallifrey One) played short lived companion Adam opposite ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston.



and Timothy Dalton was lord high ruler of Gallifrey, Rassilon himself in “The End Of Time” with tenth Doctor David Tennant.

Happy birthday gents!

Episode 73 – The Rogues & Renegades of Rassilon

Late again this week, but it’s finally here. In this week’s episode of Traveling the Vortex, we look back over the last few weeks of stories reviewed and focus on the rogues and renegades of Doctor Who. We focus our attention on The Meddling Monk, The War Chief, Omega, The Master, and The Rani. Also how The Doctor, and perhaps even Rassilon fit this title.

Also, our take on the news of the week, and of course your feedback.


As we laughed about for quite a while in this week’s episode….a Chimp surprises twins at a zoo