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Gally Update 2 – The Care And Feeding Of Your Mel

Here is Shaun’s second update from Gallifrey One’s Network 23, continuing with his promise to keep our listeners updated on the con.

Be sure to check back frequently for updates on the massive Doctor Who convention in California throughout the weekend.

Sounds like Shaun, Mel, and all of the revelers at Gally are having a wonderful time.

Wish I were there.


A Holiday Delay In Regularly Scheduled Programing

The gang at Radio Free Skaro are reporting that due to Memorial Day, BBC America will be delaying the broadcast of Doctor Who that weekend.  You can read their story here.

Series 6 will get a gap between episodes 5 & 6.  As partial compensation for the delay, BBC America will show a Doctor Who marathon on May 28th, featuring the entire run of Series 5 and all of Series 6 to date, including an encore presentation of The Rebel Flesh, but skipping over A Christmas Carol.

Here at Traveling The Vortex, we haven’t had a chance to react to this news, let alone figure out what this means for our current Seven Weeks for Seven Doctors line up with Friday Night WHO.  We’ll keep you posted.