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Episode 328 – No Luxury For Outrage

A bit of a delay this week, but as they say, better late than never.

In this episode we take a look at The Twelfth Doctor and Bill’s third outing in the story Thin Ice. We’ll give you our reviews of this story.

Plus, we are fresh back from a weekend at this year’s Planet Comicon in Kansas City, MO. We share stories about the convention.

And, of course, your feedback.


Friday Night Who for 5/20

It’s that time of year again, Planet Comicon is this weekend! And to celebrate for Friday Night Who this week we watch a story that features two of the guests…Asylum of the Daleks!


Join @TravelVortex, @VortexShaun, @VortexGlenn & @VortexKeith as we press play at Midnight CDT on Friday!

(although with the Con the next morning, no promise any of us will join in)

And as always keep an eye out for the hashtags #FridayNightWho & #AsylumoftheDaleks


Delayed in the Vortex (Planet Comicon Recovery)

Delayed_in_the_VortexThere will be a slight delay this week as we recover from the weekend following all of the Kansas City Planet Comicon fun we had.

Also, recording schedules are difficult this week and we are trying to work through that challenge as well. The plan is to record sometime tomorrow (Tuesday) morning and then if all of the stars align, and we get some missing pieces to us on time, and release the show onto the feed mid to late week.

So, your patience is appreciated! I promise, you will not be sorry for having to wait.

Planet Comicon Photos

Friend of the show Kellen was also at Planet Comicon and emailed us these pictures he was able to get of our panel as well as a few bonus pictures. Enjoy!

You can find Kellen on Facebook. He also is a photographer for the Wichita Business Journal.

Episode 119 – Planet ComiCon 2013

NEW_TTV_LOGO_200In this week’s episode we land at Kansas City’s Number One Comic Book and Pop Culture Convention, Planet ComiCon. No reviews this week, just us talking about the fun and adventurous weekend.

Also, joining us on this trip, is the lovely Daphne Ashbrook who plays Grace Halloway along side the Eighth Doctor in Doctor Who: The Movie.

But first, our reactions to some of the news of the week, and of course your feedback.


Daphne Ashbrook official site

Josh Adams official site

Planet ComiCon official site

Series Seven Part 2 Scheduling Part 1

Ah. That time of year when you can smell New Who on the air like the coming of Spring, and all my scheduling work goes out the window and has to be cobbled together last minute to take those new episodes into account.  Oh well.

Tonight’s Friday Night Who (3/22) is part of our monthly celebration of the second Doctor, “The Mind Robber”.

Episode #117 of Traveling The Vortex is all things second Doctor, and will include our reviews of “The Mind Robber”, IDW’s comic “Prisoners Of Time 2”, Big Finish: Destiny Of The Doctor 2: Shadows Of Death, our look back over the 2nd Doctor Era for our 50th Anniversary Discussion, and, if Keith gets it read in time, his review of the book “The Moonbase”

Friday Night Who on 3/29 gears us up for the new season by revisiting Matt Smith in “The Impossible Astronaut” and “Day Of The Moon”…

…which leaves TTV #118 reserved to devote our full attention to “The Bells Of St. John”.

On 4/5 FNW revisits “Doctor Who: The Movie” in celebration of Daphne Ashbrook coming to Planet Comicon that weekend.

Look for updates all weekend long, (and maybe a few special exclusives too,) but we’ll give you the full scoop on Planet Comicon 2013 in episode #119, as well as start the month of April with our celebration of Jon Pertwee’s third Doctor by reviewing IDW Comic’s “Prisoners Of Time 3”.

FNW 4/12 is “The Waters Of Mars” with tenth Doctor David Tennant.

Because of the hugeness of Planet Comicon, you may have noticed we didn’t review the new episode of Who last week.  Well fret not, because you’ll get a two-fer in Traveling The Vortex #120, covering both “The Rings Of Akhaten”, and “The Cold War”.

and the plot thickens…

Episode 109 – Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

NEW_TTV_LOGO_200In this week’s episode we put on our happy faces and smile through a review of the Seventh Doctor story, The Happiness Patrol. Then we escape to Germany and again join the Seventh Doctor and Ace for the Big Finish audio story, Colditz.

Also, we discuss some exciting news for the Vortex Boys, with the announcement of our live podcast panel at Planet Comicon. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ll talk about Shaun and Glenn’s involvement at Gallifrey One this year as well.

And more news, and of course your feedback.


KC Planet Comicon
The 24 Hours of Gallifrey One

Landing at Planet Comicon!



We are steering our TARDIS toward Kansas City!

You may have seen the tweets or on facebook, but we will be hosting a live podcast from Planet Comicon in Kansas City!

We hope anyone that’s in the area can make it to the recording! There’s also some very exciting things in the works for the con, that we can not divulge yet. (really…we don’t even have the details)

But you can check out the guest that have booked currently at Planet Comicon

Now if we can just learn how to fly sexy…wait is the parking brake on?

Episode 65 – Planet Comicon

This week we postpone our Companion archive of Fourth Doctor traveling associate, Leela in lieu of some coverage of this weekends Kansas City Planet Comicon, which the three of us attended.

We’ll talk about our experiences at the con including the special meet up with other fans from the area who also love Doctor Who. And our own Keith, dressed as the 11th Doctor for the program. We’ll tell you about his experiences at this year’s convention as well.

Also, we’re talking new companion, and a little on the Official Doctor Who Convention that went on in the U.K on Saturday and Sunday.

Oh, and of course, your feedback.


Planet Comicon
Official Doctor Who Convention
Kansas City Time Lord Society