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Episode 331 – I Go To Extremis

Among this week’s title confusion, we take a look at the latest episode of Doctor Who Series 10 with a review of Extremis. We try to unlock some of the mysteries of the title as well as give our impressions on the story.

Also, some news of the week.

And of course, lots and lots of wonderful feedback this week,


Episode 330 – Plot Holes For Days

In this week’s show we try and defend the latest episode of Doctor Who with a review of Oxygen.  Take a listen and see if you agree with what we and some of our listeners thought.

Plus, some news of the week, including some Big Finish Doctor Who titles recently added to online streaming service, Spotify.

And, of course, your feedback.


**Special thanks to Chrissy for this week’s episdode title!**

Episode 326 – Flaming Penguin

It’s here! It’s finally arrived. We survived the “wilderness year”, (okay, yes we got an episode at Christmas, and yes it’s not fair to call it a wilderness year because that cheapens the period of drought from 1989 until 2005), but Doctor Who is finally back on our television screens!

This, our Easter Saturday episode covers the Doctor and Nardole and the introduction of new companion Bill in The Pilot.

We offer our opinions on the story, and be aware, this is a SPOILER FILLED EPISODE of the podcast.

Also some recent news and speculation.

And, of course, your feedback.