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Friday Night Who 11/13

This selection for Friday Night Who, might appear odd, but we think it fits, since the next episode of Who is a first also.


That’s right, everyone’s favorite first “new” series Doctor “light” episode Love and Monsters is on tap for tonight.

Join @TravelVortex, @VortexShaun, @VortexGlenn & @VortexKeith as we press play at Midnight CST!

And as always keep an eye out for the hashtags #FridayNightWho & #LoveandMonsters

The Schedule That Changed… And Lived

So here we are, five episodes into Series 8. I guess you could say we’re “In The Thick Of It”.


An update to the schedule follows:

Friday Night Who on 10/23 is Tom Baker in “The Face Of Evil”.

Which hopefully pairs up well with our topic for TTV #252, “The Woman Who Lived” but we’ll also share our thoughts in a SPOILER FREE REVIEW of the newest (and just released) Candy Jar Books publication, Lethbridge-Stewart: Beast Of Fang Rock by Andy Frankham-Allen. And thanks to the author and publisher, we’ll have a couple of copes to GIVE AWAY to our listeners on the show!!! Thanks so much to them for this opportunity, and if you’d like to win one, BE SURE TO LISTEN!

FNW 10/30 – While we originally planned to do “Day Of The Doctor” (again) we decided to have a little Halloween since it’s this weekend. So instead, Tune in for “Blink” and “Listen” respectively.

TTV #253 will be our review of “The Zygon Invasion”.

And what’s a Zygon invasion without their first appearance? Join us on 11/6 for “Terror Of The Zygons” for Friday Night Who just before

TTV #254 – “The Zygon Inversion”.

Here’s where it gets tricky. FNW 11/13 is “Love & Monsters” to tie in to the unique filming nature of a Doctor light episode…

Which should compliment our topic in Traveling The Vortex episode #255, “Sleep No More”.

FNW 11/20 is another new series affair, last season’s “Flatline”.

Because Rigsy makes a return appearance in “Face The Raven”, the topic of TTV #256.

Beyond that? Well, I’m still hedging my bets on the finale. I have a few ideas, but I’d hate to spoil anyone. We’ll keep you posted!

Would You Like A Jelly Baby? And A Schedule Update?

As we discussed on the most recent podcast, we’ve finalized plans for the next few months, and now we share them with you…

Friday Night Who on 1/25 stars referencer of the show, Sylvester McCoy in “The Happiness Patrol”

Episode #109 of Traveling The Vortex will include our thoughts on “The Happiness Patrol” along with Big Finish #25 “Colditz”.

Because we know you all love it, on 2/1 for Friday Night Who we’ll be watching tenth Doctor David Tennant in “Love And Monsters”. No, seriously.  And we demand you show up to defend (or criticize the episode in person!)

Since we’ve already given our thoughts on that episode, we figured we’d delve a little deeper into real life members of L.I.N.D.A in TTV #110 with a little something I like to think of as “The Fan Show”.  We’ll talk Cosplay, collectors and Tardis Console and Dalek Builders!

2/8 FNW brings us another Tom Baker episode, “The Leisure Hive”.

And TTV #111 – sees us cover “The Leisure Hive” and Big Finish #35 “…ish”.

While Glenn and Shaun wing to Gally, Keith holds down the fort for Friday Night Who on 2/15 with Matt Smith (and most of Gally’s guest list this year) in “A Good Man Goes To War”

And then the big discussion of this year’s Gallifrey One’s 24 Hours Of Gallifrey One in episode #112.

FNW on 2/22 will be the first three parts of the just released (and animated) “The Reign Of Terror” with first Doctor William Hartnell.

In episode #113 we’ll return to the Big Finish divergent universe story arc with eighth Doctor Paul McGann and Charlie with #54 “The Natural History Of Fear” and #55 “The Twilight Kingdom”.

The first week of March (3/1) we’ll finish “The Reign Of Terror” on Friday Night Who.

Traveling The Vortex #114 covers “The Reign Of Terror” and our thoughts on the values of animated missing episodes.

Friday Night Who on 3/8 is “The King’s Demons” with fifth Doctor Peter Davison.

TTV #115 covers our reviews of “The King’s Demons” and Big Finish #26 “Primeval”.

Come celebrate my birthday on 3/15 with more Tom Baker in “The Ark In Space”.

And Traveling The Vortex #116 will have our reviews of “The Ark In Space” and our first foray into the Big Finish 4th Doctor Adventures; #1 “Destination: Nerva”.

After that we’re hoping to have a finalized schedule of NEW WHO to look forward to, so hopefully we can pair up some interesting episodes then.  As always, thanks for supporting us!