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Episode 229 – Eccentric’s One Thing, Bohemian’s Quite Another!

TTV-Logo-1400-150x150In this week’s podcast, we review the final two part story that rounds out the Fourth Doctor and Leela’s foray into Big Finish audios. First it’s Trail of the White Worm, followed with The Oseidon Adventure.

We give our impressions on these two stories, and sum up the series as a whole.

Also, some news of the week, including a certain assumption that show runner Steven Moffat may be around longer than previously thought.

Plus, a Gallifrey One update, and we announce the winners of our Free Comic Book Day give-away.

And, of course, your feedback.



Friday Night Who 12/7/12

This week we continue with our exploration of K9 in preparation for our upcoming Companion Archive with another Tom Baker story, “The Sun Makers”.

Join us on twitter, where you can follow @vortexshaun, @vortexglenn, @VortexKeith and of course, @travelvortex for all the live commentary, and look for the #FridayNightWho and #TheSunMakers hashtags.

We push play at midnight, and maybe if we all start asking nicely now, we can get @Lou_Jameson to join us?

Episode 66 – Get Your Kicks

On this week’s episode of Traveling the Vortex we have a special treat for our listeners. This week we have an interview with Simon Fisher-Becker who plays Dorium Maldovar in the stories The Pandorica Opens, A Good Man Goes to War and then again in The Wedding of River Song.

Also, this is our second Companion Archive in which we take a look at two Leela stories, The Face of Evil and Robots of Death.

Plus our reaction to the Series 7 trailer, the latest news, and of course, your feedback.


Whovians of Wichita

Simon Fisher-Becker Website