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Transitional Scheduling

A quick look at this in “transitional schedule” for those of you that like to follow along with our homework.

If and when Glenn ever gets over being sick, we’ll get together and discuss our thoughts on the Tom Baker story “Planet Of Evil” in TTV #364. (This is also the last televised Sarah Jane Smith story we have yet to review.)  

TTV #365 is Big Finish Eighth Doctor Adventures Season 3: #2 “Hothouse” and Titan Comics 9th Doctor #11-15. 

More of the same in TTV #366 with Big Finish Eighth Doctor Adventures Season 3: #3 “The Beast of Orlok” and Titan Comics 10th Doctor Year 3 #6-8 & 10 (Notice a slight jump here, we are going to do the Lost Dimension as a separate event.)

Hard to believe it was all the way back in episode 42 that we looked back at seasons 5 and 6 with a Moffat retrospective. Well, a month has passed since the official end of the era, and we thought we’d take another crack at it. TTV #367 Grand Moff Steven – A look back at Seasons 5-10.


Really excited to get to TTV #368 and our book review of Candy Jar Books Lethbridge-Stewart: Travers And Wells by Robert Mamone. 

TTV #369 takes a look at Big Finish #102 “The Mind’s Eye” / “Mission of the Viyrans” 

One more 8th Doctor/comics match up in TTV #370 with Big Finish Eighth Doctor Adventures Season 3: #4 “Wirrn Dawn” and Titan Comics 12th Doctor Year 3 #5-7 

A bit of fun for TTV #371. We’ll talk about everybody’s favorite Brigadier via the “Liberty Hall” short film interview (this can be found as a bonus feature on “Mawdryn Undead”) and Candy Jar Books The Lethbridge-Stewart Quiz Book by Marc Jones. 


We’ll talk about last year’s huge Titan Comics crossover event “Lost Dimension” with all eight issues in TTV #372.

TTV #373 has a look at Big Finish #106 The Dark Husband 

Get Lost In Time with The Highlanders (Novelization & Recon) in TTV #374. 

And a bit more Big Finish to round out the month in TTV #375 with mainline range #97 “The Wishing Beast” “The Vanity Box”.

That’s us playing a bit of catch up. On the horizon? We may finally get to the worst kept secret in the Vortex and land on Traken…