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Episode 345 – No Real Bad Guy

In this week’s show we explore two offerings from the Big Finish Companion Chronicles range. First it’s Season 3: #1 “Here There Be Monsters” featuring Susan and performed by Carol Ann Ford. Next is Season 3: #7 “The Transit of Venus”, this time featuring Ian performed by William Russell. Hear what we have to say about these two First Doctor era adventures.

Plus, new of the week including more Big Finish and Candy Jar Books announcements.

And, of course, your feedback. 


Scheduling Support From Viewers Like You

The adventures in scheduling topics and conversations with Friday Night Who episodes and conventions continues… In this episode…

Friday Night Who on 8/25 is the William Hartnell story “Planet of Giants”. 

TTV #344 features our look at a pair of Big Finish Companion Chronicles from Season 3: #1 “Here There Be Monsters” (Susan) and #7 “The Transit of Venus” (Ian). 

Everybody’s favorite (except ours), “The Talons of Weng-Chiang” hits Friday Night Who on 9/1. (Well, the first three parts anyway.) 

Since we’ll have Tom on the brain, TTV #345 finishes off the Big Finish 4th Doctor Adventures Season 2 with episodes #6 “The Dalek Contract”, and #7 “The Final Phase”.

We’ll finish the final three parts of “Talons of Weng-Chiang” on 9/8. 

TTV #346 has our insights into this year’s Topeka based Top Con.

FNW 9/15 is “Four To Doomsday” 

More big finish is on tap for TTV #347 with a big jump ahead to #221 “The Star Men”, as well as Titan Comics 10th Doctor Season 3 issues #1-5. 

FNW 9/22 has Patrick Troughton’s second Doctor in “The Krotons”

Lost In Time returns! TTV #348 will take a comprehensive look at “The Wheel In Space” (Assuming the Britbox Recon is released by now) 

FNW 9/29 – Battlefield (7 McCoy) 

TTV #349 sees us review Big Finish #92 Nocturne, and Titan Comics 9th Doctor ongoing issues #6-10.  

PCap makes a return visit to Friday Night Who on 10/6 with “Under The Lake” and “Before The Flood”. 

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FNW 10/13 – Frontios (5 Davidson) 

Here’s a feature that hasn’t been seen in a while, making a return to TTV #351. A Companion Archive on one Iris Wildthyme. We’ll take a look at two Big Finish tales, Excelis Dawns and mainline story #51 The Wormery. 

and we go back to the beginning for Friday Night Who on 10/20 with “An Unearthly Child”. 

TTV #352 is our very full discussion of what is sure to be a very full weekend at Time Eddy III. (Have you bought YOUR ticket yet?)

Beyond that? Christmas baby! Christmas!