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Michelle’s Birthday Gifts

Frequent listener, feedbacker and Friday Night Whoer recently had a birthday. She shared her birthday activities with us in our most recent episode.

She got quite a few Doctor Who gifts from her parents. As she said in her feedback”

They gave me a TARDIS night light, a TARDIS bracelet, a TARDIS pillow and a pack of 5 pairs of Doctor Who socks. The pillow makes the materialization noise so I’ve included a video of that. “

Below is the picture and video she references. Enjoy and Happy Belated Birthday Michelle!


Happy Birthday Peter, Bruno and Timothy!

Today marks the birthdays of a trio of Who actors:


Peter Pratt menaced fourth Doctor Tom Baker as the Master in 1977’s “The Deadly Assassin”.


Bruno Langly (guest at next year’s Gallifrey One) played short lived companion Adam opposite ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston.



and Timothy Dalton was lord high ruler of Gallifrey, Rassilon himself in “The End Of Time” with tenth Doctor David Tennant.

Happy birthday gents!

Happy Birthday Freema and Sarah!

images-1529043_10152462033865063_556076872_nToday marks the birthday for a pair of awesome women, first is Freema Agyeman, who played Martha Jones opposite David Tennant’s tenth Doctor in the third and fourth series, as well as several episodes of Torchwood.

Also celebrating today is our own Sarah Miles, Keith’s wife, who puts up with the Vortex Boys every week when they record!  We hope you’ll join us in thanking her for her saint like patience, (which can be done directly at @SarahWhoKnits on twitter) and wish both of them an amazing birthday!

Happy Birthday John & Shaun!

Beware the Ides Of March!

Today Shaun becomes an “old Type-40” with his birthday!

March is also the birth month for John Leeson, who famously played the voice of K9.


For some reason, no one knows the actual day of his birth,  (I expect he does, but can’t find it posted anywhere) but the year was 1943, so he’s 70 today and I figured he could celebrate with me!  Happy birthday, John!

Happy Birthday Douglas and John and Graeme and Alex!

douglasadamsToday marks FOUR Whovian births, the first, well, we’d be completely remis if we forgot to celebrate good old Douglas Adams birthday today.  Aside from Hitchhikers Guide, he was script editor on Doctor Who for a while, and wrote the episodes “The Pirate Planet” and “City Of Death” along with “Shada”.



Also celebrating today is director extraordinaire, Graeme Harper, who among others is responsible for “The Waters Of Mars” AND “The Caves Of Androzani”.



JohnBarrowmanAnother birthday boy is the one and only Captain Jack Harkness, John Barrowman, who, we’d like to reiterate, is NOT in the 50th anniversary episode, but is in talks to be.

Big difference kids. 🙂


And last but certainly not least, our birthday girl is Dr. River Song herself, Alex Kingston.