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Episode 288 – The Ending Stays the Same

ttv_logo_newIn this week’s episode of the podcast we travel back in time with the Fifth Doctor, Peri and Erimem as they visit Richard III in the Big Finish audio story, The Kingmaker. We give our review and perhaps a fractured look at history with this story.

Also, some news of the week including some con announcements, and a Doctor Who world record attempt.

And of course your feedback.


Links mentioned in the show:

Time Eddy II

Gallifrey One: 28 Years Later

Episode 277 – Don’t Steal Chairs

ttv_logo_newIn this week’s show we review the next two stories in Big Finish’s Fourth Doctor Adventures with The Sands of Life and War Against the Laan. We give our impressions of these two stories, and their all-star cast.

Plus, some news out of Big Finish, convention updates, and a public service announcement that out lawyers are forcing us to put into the show.


Links mentioned in the show:

Doctor Who Short Trips – Zoe Returns

Gallifrey One 2017, 28 Years Later

Episode 241 – Bats in the Belfry

TTV LOGO NEWIn this week’s episode we take a little break from reviews to discuss Shaun and Keith’s trips to Kansas City Comic Con which in its first year featured none other than the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker. Both recount their visits to KC and experiences at the con.

Also, lots of other convention announcements to get to, including LI Who, Chicago TARDIS, Gallifrey One, and our local convention, TopCon.

Plus, we talk about the news of the week, including an unsettling rumor about the possible fate of Doctor Who next year, and we speculate on what it could mean if it’s true.

And, of course, your feedback.


Episode 217 – The Unexpected Virtue of Gallifrey One

TTV-Logo-1400-150x150In this week’s show, Shaun and Mel are fresh back from last week’s Gallifrey One Doctor Who convention.  They share with us some of the highlights of this year’s con. Also, some special treats for our listeners. Included in this week’s show are interviews with Lee and Sue Cummings of Tiny Rebel Games – the makers of Doctor Who: Legacy,  Doctor Who Season 24-26 script editor,  Andrew Cartmel and Voice of the Daleks and producer and writer for Big Finish Audio, Nicholas Briggs.

Also, some discussion from the news of the week.

And, of course, your feedback.


(Yes, we know, Keith says Episode 218 )

Photos From Gallifrey One, 2015

Gally Update 2 – The Legacy Of Rassilon

TTV-Logo-1400-150x150Our report from DAY TWO!

In a joint production with our sister podcast, Shaun and Mel are joined by Mich from the Five(ish) Fangirls podcast with updates from Gallifrey One, the Doctor Who convention happening right now in sunny L.A.





Gally Update 1 – Within the Constellation of Kasterborous

TTV-Logo-1400-150x150In a joint production with our sister podcast, Shaun and Mel are joined by Mich from the Five(ish) Fangirls podcast with updates from Gallifrey One, the Doctor Who convention happening right now in sunny L.A.

Here is Day ONE!






2015 Scheduling

As promised, heres a look at the finalized schedule going into the new year!

Our last Friday Night Who tweet along for 2014 is on 12/26, the Christmas Story “The Next Doctor” with David Tennant.

And our last show review for the year will be all about the newest Christmas Special, “Last Christmas” with Peter Capaldi.

HAPPY 2015!

We’re a little late to celebrate the year of the snake, but then again, time has always been a little Wibbly Wobbly round here. So our first Friday Night Who of the new year on 1/2 is the fifth Doctor story, “Kinda”.

We review a pair of fifth Doctor audio stories in TTV #210, Big Finish #44 “Creatures Of Beauty”, and #66 “The Game”.

Then on 1/9 we present the second Mara story for FNW, “Snakedance”.

TTV #211 is an Adversary Archive on The Mara, and we’ll tackle both stories “Kinda” and “Snakedance”.

FNW 1/16 is Matt Smith in “Victory Of The Daleks”

And a quick turnaround for more Paul McGann audio in TTV #212, as we listen and start the Big Finish 8th Doctor Adventures #1, “Blood Of The Daleks” and #2 “Blood Of The Daleks Part 2”.

FNW 1/23 is one we’ve been trying to get to for a while, William Hartnell in “The Sensorites” Part 1-3.

Here we change it up a bit. Remember two years ago when we did a specific Doctor breakdown for our the run up to the 50th anniversary? And last year we did the E-Books each month to continue that celebration? Well we’re doing it again this year, with a twist! TTV #213 is something we’re calling Beyond The Doctor: William Hartnell. Instead of reviewing an episode, we’ll be discussing his role in the motion picture Carry On Sergeant! We hope to do a different staring roll for each Doctor each month all year long!

We’ll finish “The Sensorites” Part 4-6 on 1/30 for Friday Night Who.

and then TTV #214 has our reviews of “The Sensorites” as well as Big Finish #85 “Red”.

After that? Well it’s the start of Con season for us, with Gallifrey One and Kansas City Planet Comicion looming on the horizon, but we’ll have something hammered out for you all by then! As always thanks for listening and following along, and we’ll see you in the vortex…

Episode 181 – Who Cares

TTV Logo 1400In this week’s podcast, WE CARE! We tackle two more Big Finish audios starring The Eighth Doctor, Charley, and C’rizz. First we look at Something Inside. Then our heroes are trapped in a second prison in the story Memory Lane.

Also, some announcements in news including a Doctor Who World Tour and the first round of Galley guests.

And, of course, your feedback


Traveling the Vortex – Doctor Who Book Club Poll

Episode 169 – Fan Show 2 – Fan-tastic

TTV Logo 1400In this week’s episode we put aside our views and reviews, and let a few Doctor Who fans take the lead. First is an interview with a family fast becoming a favorite on the local con circuit with a passion that started as a Boy Scout project.

Then we’ll here from one of the funniest performers I have seen doing Doctor Who satire/comedy.

Also, we look at the news of the week, including some discussion about next year’s Gallifrey One con selling out in the first 75 minutes.

And, of course, your feedback.


Red Dalek on Facebook
Timey Wimey Puppet Show
Smallville ComicCon

Episode 165 – Somewhere in Canada: A Gallifrey One Recap

ttvsmallIn this week’s show, Shaun and Mel return from California where they attended the Doctor Who convention,  Gallifrey One: 25 Glorious Years. The two will give us a proper recap of all the fun and events that happend last weekend at the con. They will share some of the hilarity as well as some of the embarrassments that happend at this year’s event.

Also, we will have a look at the news, including a guest announcement from the L.I Who convention next year in New York (or is it?)

And of course, your feedback.


Gallifrey 2014 – Day 3 – It Came From the Belly of the M

ttvsmallSadly, Gallifrey 2014 has wrapped and is now in the books, but Shaun, Mel and Michelle have one last look at the festivities of this year’s con. Here is a look at the final day of the premiere Doctor Who convention that has been going on all weekend in sunny California.



Gallifrey 2014 Day 2 -Tea O’Clock

ttvsmallOkay, here is a recap of Day 2 of this year’s Gallifrey One convention in California. We are joined again by Shaun, Mel, and Michelle as they recount their adventures at America’s premiere Doctor Who convention.





Gallifrey 2014 Day 1 – Gallifrey Stands and Shaun is Rusty

ttvsmallDay one of the Gallifrey convention in sunny California is in the books, and Shaun and Mel are gearing up for day two! But, first we have for you the listener, a recap of the excitement of day one and the Vortex crew is joined by Canadian corespondent (and Traveling the Vortex Tumblr page administrator) Michelle!





Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker at Gallifrey One

Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker at Gallifrey One

Stay tuned! More updated to come.

Gallifrey 2014 Day 0 – The Drunken Giraffe Gaffe

ttvsmallOkay, plagued with technical challenges and WiFi limitations, the Gallifrey LobbyCon update was delayed.  However, we didn’t think the recaps would be complete if we didn’t include it. So, slightly out of order, Shaun an Mel present to us, day 0 of the con happening his weekend in sunny california.