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Seven Weeks For Seven Doctors Continues

Friday Night Who update:

Another week, another Doctor down.  This week’s FRIDAY NIGHT WHO plans are to watch Tom Baker’s fourth Doctor in “Pyramids Of Mars”.  Hope to see you on Twitter!

4/22/11 – William Hartnell in “The Aztecs”

4/29/11 – Patrick Troughton in “The Dominators”

5/6/11 – Jon Pertwee in “Carnival Of Monsters”

5/13/11 – Tom Baker in “Pyramids Of Mars”

5/20/11 – Peter Davison – “Black Orchid”

5/27/11 – Colin Baker – “Vengence On Varos”

6/3/11 – Sylvester McCoy – “Delta And The Bannermen”


For tonight’s edition of FRIDAY NIGHT WHO, we take a stab at the William Hartnell classic, “The Aztecs”.  Please join us on Twitter, following your hosts @glenn_bartlett, @vortexshaun and @travelingthevortex (once again, Keith is excused since this is homework for this week) for a live tweet-a-long with the episode.  Look for the #FridayNightWho hashtag.  See you at midnight, central standard time, (or about 6 AM if you’re across the pond!)