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Doctor Who Fiction (Magnetic Poetry Style) Contest!

So recently while dusting the top of my refrigerator, I found an old Magnetic Poetry kit.

(One: don’t judge me for owning magnetic poetry, I’ll bet lots of you do to!  Two: yes, I do clean.)

Well I realized that I hadn’t seen this set in like three years!

(Three: I do clean, but I guess that doesn’t speak well of how often I do the top of my refrigerator.)

ANYWAY, I thought it would be fun to toss the magnets up on the fridge and see if anyone still played with them.  And as is frequently the case when I’m left alone around words, the creative side of my brain took over and started writing.  So I snapped a picture of the finished product to post for all of you here.  (It’s a bit rough obviously, as these kits don’t always contain the words you want or need to pull the imagery off, but at the same time, that’s part of the fun!)

And now, a challenge!  I’m betting that those of you who DO have magnetic poetry kits lying around could probably come up with your own Doctor Who themed poem, so I want you all to do the same!  Line those magnets up and snap a picture and email it to shaun@travelingthevortex!  I’ll get them posted here, and then we’ll vote on them.  The writer of the winning poem will win a Traveling The Vortex *Prize Package of GAME SHOW proportions!  The contest will run through December 31, 2011!  Winner to be announced next year…

* NOTE – Our lawyers (if we had any) would probably disallow me to use the term “Prize Package of GAME SHOW proportions” in a post, since there is in actuality NO prize package and if there was one, it would certainly NOT be of game show proportions.  They’d bring up a lot of terms like “illegal” and “fraudulent” and “false advertising” and probably force us to run the contest just for silly fun.  Lucky for you I don’t own the “law speak” Magnetic Poetry kit, so those words are pretty meaningless to me anyways.