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Episode 369 – Yes, You’ve Downloaded the Right Episode

If you’re confused about this week’s topics in the episode, we apologize. Due to a scheduling blip, we mistakenly told you that we were reviewing two different stories on the last show. However, we really meant to say we are reviewing Big Finish #95 Exotron & Urban Myths featuring the Fifth Doctor and Peri. Find out what we thought of these two stories in what Shaun is calling the “Virus Strand” arc.

Also, convention news this week as well as some interesting news about another Doctor Who DVD release.

As always, enjoy!

Whoops! Scheduling



Yes, friends and constant listeners, I’m human, much to my chagrin, and that means I occasionally goof up. And I goofed up the schedule. We were to listen and review Big Finish #102 for this week’s cast, but it turns out that’s the FOURTH part of a four-part arc, and we had only listened to part one thus far. And so it’s time for a…


TTV #369 will instead the next story in the Virus Strand arc, Big Finish #95 “Exotron” / “Urban Myths” 

One more 8th Doctor/comics match up in TTV #370 with Big Finish Eighth Doctor Adventures Season 3: #4 “Wirrn Dawn” and Titan Comics 12th Doctor Year 3 #5-7 

A bit of fun for TTV #371. We’ll talk about everybody’s favorite Brigadier via the “Liberty Hall” short film interview (this can be found as a bonus feature on “Mawdryn Undead”) and Candy Jar Books The Lethbridge-Stewart Quiz Book by Marc Jones. 


We’ll talk about last year’s huge Titan Comics crossover event “Lost Dimension” with all eight issues in TTV #372.

TTV #373 has a look at Big Finish #97 The Wishing Beast/The Vanity Box 

Glenn is gone this week, so Keith and I are cooking up something special for TTV #374.

Lost In Time with The Highlanders (Novelization & Recon) moves to TTV #375. 


TTV #376 –  NOW we’ll get to Big Finish #102 The Mind’s Eye/Mission of the Viyrans, and discuss “The Virus Strand” Arc as a whole.

Book Review: Lethbridge-Stewart: A Very Private Haunting by Sharon Bidwell for TTV #377 (if I have my dates right)

Back to Big Finish for TTV #378 with #96 Valhalla, and the Titan Comics miniseries Ghost Stories #1-4 

TTV #379 promises to be fun, so start formulating your feedback now! Whobots – The Artificial Life Forms of Doctor Who. Here are the ground rules for this discussion: We are NOT talking Cyborgs, so Daleks and Cybermen are out. We are NOT discussing lifelike humanoid robots (those are androids) so the Androids of Tara and any doppelgangers of our cast are out. No, we want to discuss the clunky, the box with legs, the giant rumba robots that tend to inhabit the Whoniverse. Think Chumblies, or War Machines, or Vox Robots, or K1, or K9 etc… Should be lively… unlike the subjects of discussion.

That’s us playing a bit of catch up. On the horizon? We may finally get to the worst kept secret in the Vortex and land on Traken…

As always, thanks for your indulgence, and for listening!