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Episode 162 – Every Girl’s Crazy About a Sharp Dressed Time Lord

ttvsmallIn this week’s podcast we take a look in on the Eighth Doctor and companions Charley and C’rizz in the Big Finish Main line audios, Scaredy Cat and Other Lives.

And speaking of Charley, our reactions to an announcement by Big Finish to give Ms. Pollard her own series of audios.

Also, some news of the week, including a certain Time Lords next choice of wardrobe for the upcoming series.

Plus, more news of the week.

And, of course, your feedback.



Episode 151 – It’s GrrrrEight!

ttv 1400 anniIn this week’s show we added a little something extra that wasn’t on the schedule. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are aware that Steven Moffat and The BBC offered us a little surprise last week, with the release of The Night of the Doctor, featuring the long awaited return of Paul McGann on film as the Eighth Doctor. That could not go unaddressed, so finally our review of the minisode.

But, business as usual, we go back on schedule and take a look at The Doctor Revisited: The Tenth Doctor, and offer our impressions on the special.

Then, a look at Ten’s run with a retrospective on the era, revealing our, as well our listener’s picks for the most representative story.

Plus, a look a the other news of the week.

And, of course, your feedback.


Change.org petition to bring McGann back as the Eighth Doctor

Episode 143 – Spy Games

ttv 1400 anniWe are a man down this week, as Shaun is sunning himself on the beaches of Maui, but alas the show must go on. So, Keith and Glenn have brought out the printed material for some book reviews from the Eighth Doctor era. First up is Glenn’s review of EarthWorld by Jacqueline Rayner, featuring the Eighth Doctor, Fitz and Anji. Then Keith delves into a tale of mystery, espionage and spy games in the novel, Trading Futures by Lance Parkin, also featuring Eight, Fitz and Anji.

But never fear, we will have your weekly dose of news happening in the world of Doctor Who. With some more 50th Anniversary tidbits. Plus another Chicago TARDIS announcement.

And of course, your feedback.


Links mentioned in the show:

Doctor Who Consumer Panel

Chrissy’s review of EarthWorld








Pictures from Brenda’s trip showing The Shard and the Cafe from The Bells of St. John


Episode 142 – Sunday Funnies

ttv 1400 anniIn this week’s episode we heap on a ton of Eighth Doctor reviews, first with a look at the Big Finish – Audio GO production, Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors – Enemy Aliens. Next, a review of the Eighth Doctor’s turn in the IDW series, Prisoners of Time. Then, a look at the complete (on screen) era of number Eight with our retrospective of Paul McGann’s turn in the role.

Also, a look at the news of the week, including 50th Anniversary announcements, interviews, speculation and rumors.

Plus, some new Gallifrey One guest announcements.

And, of course, your feedback.


Links mentioned in the show:

Big Finish Games – “The Tesla Effect..a Tex Murphy Adventure” & the gamer site GOG.com for older adventures

The Hamster Dance Song

Librarian in the TARDIS – Eighth Doctor Review

Episode 141 – Technical Difficulties, Too: The Sequel

ttv 1400 anniIn this technically challenged show we review the Eighth Doctor Big Finish Audio adventure, Terror Firma. Then a look at BBC America’s dismal representation of Eight’s era, as we share our remarks about The Doctor Revisited: The Eighth Doctor.

Also, as usual we’ll have a look at the news of the week, including the latest in a line of Doctor Who games, Risk!

And of Course, your feedback.


Links mentioned in this week’s show:

A look at the upcoming Doctor Who Risk

Who North America


Episode 136 – Dream Weaver

ttv 1400 anniIn this week’s show we all share our reaction to the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT of the actor who will be playing the 12th Doctor in the upcoming Christmas special and next year’s series 8 of Doctor Who. A very thrilling time to be a Whovian or fan of the show.

Also, we delve back into the Divergent Universe with the Eighth Doctor, Charley and C’rizz as they make their way to the end of this leg of the journey.
We’ll share out opinions and reactions there.

And of course, all of your wonderful feedback.


Scheduling is such a TRIAL… (GET IT?)

Giving all of you who follow along at home a jump on the next block of scheduling…

For Friday Night Who on 6/14 is the first four parts of the infamous “Inferno” with Jon Pertwee, (which releases in a special edition on the 11th…)

TTV #129 will include our reviews of IDW Prisoners Of Time 5, Doctor Who Revisited 5, and Big Finish Destiny Of The Doctor 5: Smoke And Mirrors.

We’ll finish Inferno for Friday Night Who on 6/21 with parts 5-7.

TTV #130 will feature our reviews of “Inferno” and our  50th Anniversary Discussion of The 5th Doctor Era.

William Hartnell returns to FNW 6/28 in “The Ark”.

“The Ark” and Big Finish #35 “…ish” are the subjects of TTV #131.

To celebrate the Sixth Doctor, our Friday Night Who in July is all Colin Baker all the time.  On 7/5 we start the massive and epic “Trial Of A Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet”.

TTV #132 is IDW Prisoners Of Time 6 and “The Mysterious Planet”.

FNW 7/12 continues Trial Of A Time Lord with “Mindwarp”.

Episode #133 will have our reviews of Big Finish Destiny Of The Doctor 6 and “Mindwarp”.

FNW 7/19 is “Trial Of A Time Lord: Terror Of The Vervoids”.

TTV #134 is Doctor Who Revisited 6 and “Terror Of The Vervoids”.

Friday Night Who 7/26 concludes the month with “Trial Of A Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe”.

A big show for #135 as we discuss “The Ultimate Foe”, Trial Of A Time Lord as an overall arc, and give our thoughts on the 50th Anniversary Discussion of The 6th Doctor Era.

We return to more recent waters at the beginning of August for Friday Night Who on 8/2 with “The Doctor’s Wife”.

And we return to the divergent universe in episode #136 with Paul McGann’s eighth Doctor in the divergent universe with the Big Finish stories #63 “Caerdroia” and #64 “The Next Life”.

August is our celebration of the seventh Doctor, with some fun things on that horizon.  See you in the vortex!

Episode 113 – Happiness Through Acceptance

NEW_TTV_LOGO_200In this week’s episode we head back to the Divergent Universe and travel with The Doctor, Charley and C’rizz through the Big Finish audio asdventures, The Natural History of Fear and The Twilight Kingdom.

Also, a big announcement from Planet Comicon and our involvement in the event.

And, right off of this year’s Oscars, you can bet we have a little something to say about that as well.

Oh, and lest we forget, your feedback.


cj’s notebook (Chrissy’s Blog)
Vintage Stock – Metcalf

Episode 94 – You’ve Lost Your Eyes

In this week’s episode of Traveling the Vortex, we revisit the Eighth Doctor and Charley in two Big Finish audio plays, Embrace the Darkness and The Time of the Daleks. As you know, we had scheduled one more Big Finish audio, but life does sometimes get in the way, not allowing us to meet certain commitments and time got away from Shaun this week. So, we have moved our review of Neverland off for a month, and will pair it up later with the story Zagreus.

Also, we will have a look at some items making news this week, and of course, your feedback.


Links mentioned on the show:

Vote for Doctor Who to be on the cover of TV guide.
More guests announced for Gallifrey 2012 – The 24 Hours of Gallifrey One

Episode 86 – The Two Podcasters

As Keith and Sarah head off on holiday this week to celebrate their recent nuptials with a well deserved honeymoon, it’ up to Shaun and Glenn to carry on the show ourselves for the week.

This week, it’s book report time. Shaun reviews the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane novel, Amorality Tale, written by David Bishop. Then, Glenn has a look at the Eighth Doctor story, The Eight Doctors, written by Terrence Dicks.

Also, our thoughts on the news of the week, and Shaun’s retraction about a certain Bond actor.

And of course, your feedback.


Links on this weeks show:
@SylvesterMcCoy on Twitter
Chicago TARDIS

Episode 83 – Mess With the Bull, You Get the Horns

In this week’s show a look at another Adversary Archive, this time The Nimon.

First the Fourth Doctor, Romana II and K-9 take on the Nimon in Horns of the Nimon. Then the Eighth Doctor and Charley face down the foe in the Big Finish audio play Seasons Of Fear.

Plus, a look at what’s going on in the news this week.

Also, we remember the beautiful and eloquent Mary Tamm who sadly passed away this past week.

And of course, your feedback. Enjoy!

Odd Duck Phil’s Exhibit A : Tropical Storm Debby was a storm for the ages

A Midsummer-Night’s Schedule

Coming up on the Vortex… Friday Night Who on 7/27 features the fourth Doctor in “The Horns Of Nimon”

Our show that week #83 is a Nimon adversary archive, featuring our reviews of “The Horns Of Nimon” and Big Finish #30 “Seasons Of Fear”.

Starting in August the following week on FNW is fifth Doctor Peter Davison in “Time Flight”. 

TTV #84 will include our reviews of “Time Flight” and Big Finish #10 “Winter For The Adept”. 

Sixth Doctor Colin Baker returns to the FNW line up on 8/10 in “Timelash”.

Our reviews of the sixth Doctor adventures “Timelash”, and Big Finish #3 “Whispers Of Terror” make up our 85th episode of Traveling The Vortex.

And then in honor of Keith and Sarah’s wedding on the 18th of August, for our Friday Night Who the night before (8/17) we’ll watch Keith’s favorite episode, “Vincent And The Doctor”.

Keith will be gone on holiday–his honeymoon–the 19th through the 27th, so TTV #86 will just be Glenn and Shaun with a second set of Book Reviews: Glenn will review The Eight Doctors featuring the eighth Doctor by Terrance Dicks, while Shaun takes a stab at Amorality Tale by David Bishop featuring the third Doctor.

Beyond that we’re in a state of flux while we wait for an official start date for series seven (though we believe it to be on or about the 25th.)  We’ll play the next few weeks by ear until such time as a official release date comes down the pipe.