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Episode 365 – Going Green

Two topics of review for this week’s show. First we start with Big Finish’s Eighth Doctor Adventures Season 3, number 2 “Hothouse” featuring the Eighth Doctor and Lucy Miller.

Then we finish off the first year of Titan Comics’ Ninth Doctor ongoing comic with issues #11-15. 

Plus, some news of the week.



Episode 344 – I Left My Heart on Raxacoricofallapatorius

In this week’s show we continue Big Finish’s Eighth Doctor Adventures with Season 3, number 1 Orbis.

Then we do some catching up on Titan Comics Ninth Doctor Season 1 with issues 1 through 5.

Find out what we thought of both.

And some convention news to cover this week from Time Eddy III coming up in Wichita, Kansas.

And of course, your feedback.

Link mentioned in the episode:

The Federation TV YouTube channel

Episode 343 – So, It’s Like Jurassic Park

Quick turnaround with a shorter episode this week. We tackle two Big Finish Eighth Doctor Adventures from season 2. This time it’s #7 Sisters of the Flame, and #8 Vengeance of Morbius. Listen in to hear what we thought of the two-part conclusion to the season.

Plus we look at the news out this week in the world of Doctor Who.

And, of course, your feedback.


Episode 316 – The Zygon Who Loved Me

In this week’s show, we feature another of our Adversary Archives. This time we look at The Zygons.

First, our review of Big Finish 8th Doctor Adventures Season 2: #6 The Zygon Who Fell To Earth.

Then we step outside the world of Who proper with a look at the professionally produced BBV video, Zygon, When Being You Just Isn’t Enough.

Plus we examine some BIG news in the world of Doctor Who with the recent announcement that Peter Capaldi is leaving the show.




Episode 314 – Slice of Pi with a Cream Cheese Twist

In this week’s episode, we embark on another adventure with the Eighth Doctor and Lucy. This time landing on Earth in 1898 where our heroes get swept up in a jewel heist in Big Finish’s Eighth Doctor Adventures 2.5, Grand Theft Cosmos.

And then, we travel with the Twelfth Doctor and Hattie as they attempt to examine mysterious monsters and murders on the space station, the Twist, and unlock the mysteries of a haunted house on Earth, present day.  Our reviews of Titan Comics 12th Doctor Year Two issues 6 through 10.

But, alas, no news of feedback this week, so shall we get right to it?




Episode 289 – Misadventures at Church

ttv_logo_newIn this week’s show its an Eighth Doctor extravaganza with two audio reviews and a comics miniseries.

First, we explore the midway point of season two of Big Finish’s Eighth Doctor Adventures with the stories, Brave New Town and The Skull Of Sobek. We give our impressions on these two audio stories featuring the Eighth Doctor and Lucy.

Next up, our delayed review of Titan Comics’ Eighth Doctor Miniseries, issues #1-5. Hear our review of the stories individually as well as the story arc put forth in the series.

Plus, news-that’s-not-news.

And, of course, your feedback.


Episode 267 – Anything but Consistent

TTV LOGO NEWIn this week’s show we step away again briefly for another Beyond the Doctor segment, this time to review a film starring Eighth Doctor actor, Paul McGann. We chose the very popular British film from 1987, Withnail & I. We give our impressions on McGann’s performance, as well as that of alternative Ninth Doctor (or Shalka Doctor), Richard E. Grant. It’s a two-for-one this time it would appear.

Also, a breakdown and our reaction to the news of the week.

And of course, your feedback.


Episode 266 – Brought to You By…

ttv_logo_newIn this episode of the podcast, we begin our reviews of Series 2 of Big Finish’s Eighth Doctor Adventures, starring Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith. We start off with the first two entries in the series, Dead London and Max Warp. We share our opinions of the episodes, and give our impressions of the stories and performances.

Also, some news to talk about this week, including the recent loss of Doctor Who in the U.S. on the streaming services Netflix and Hulu. We discuss what it could mean for the series and it’s ability to attract new viewers to the show.

And, of course, your feedback.


Episode 246 – Prequels and Finales

ttv_logo_newNo disasters to delay us this week. In this podcast we discuss the recently released prequel to Doctor Who Series 9. Things kick off in a reather mysterious way with the Doctor returning to Karn and visiting with a familiar face, Ohila.

Then, we discuss the two-part season finale of the first year of the Doctor Who – Eight Doctor audios from big finish. We discuss the revelations and machination therein.

Plus there’s new Torchwood news to study and discuss with another announcement from Big Finish.

And, of course… oh, wait, no feedback this week.

Well, enjoy anyway!

Episode 224 – The Gods of Glam Rock

TTV-Logo-1400-150x150In this week’s podcast, we visit Big Finish’s Eight Doctor audio line to review two stories. First up is the Eighth Doctor and Lucy in Horror of Glam Rock. Then the duo take another turn, this time amongst the gods (or so we think) in Immortal Beloved.

Also, a look at some more convention announcements in our news of the week.

And of course, your feedback.




Episode 212 – Red Ruckus Rising

TTV-Logo-1400-150x150This week we get a little silly, but take a break in out madness to review a couple of Eighth Doctor stories. In this show, we look at (or listen to, rather) Eight’s break out series by Big Finish, Blood of the Daleks parts 1 and 2.  Hear our impressions in the new format of audio drama that was developed for BBC Radio 7.

And, we discuss our first impressions of new companion, Lucie Miller

Also, we look at some news of the week, including last minute negotiations between the BBC and Internet streaming service, Netflix.

Plus, a few more Gallifrey One convention guest announcements.

And of course, your feedback.


Episode 207 – The Podcast That Never Was

TTV-Logo-1400-150x150In this week’s podcast, we’ve reached the end of the run of Charlotte Pollard, well.. in the Eighth Doctors run in the Big Finish Main Range, anyway. And so we bid a fond farewell to her in he present state with a review of the audio play The Girl Who Never Was. We’ll give our impressions of this bang-up job of a story (did I tip our hand there?).

Also, we continue out review of the Titan Comics Doctor Who titles, exploring some more of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor series.

Plus, nome news of the week, including a very special con announcement of a guest coming very near to us.

And, of course, your feedback.


Episode 199 – You Can’t Get There From Here

TTV-Logo-1400-150x150In this week’s show, we review the latest offering from Series 8, Flatline. We give our impressions of the story as we near the end of this season and forge ahead toward our 200th episode.

But first, Shaun regales us with an entertaining story of his cross country trip this week, coupled with a few things that Keith and I catch up on.

Also, as always, we’ll discuss the latest in Doctor Who news, including some details on the extras to be released on this season’s box set.

And, of course, your feedback.


Episode 189 – Journey Into Hell… or Not

TTV-Logo-1400-150x150In this week’s show we journey into the netherworld, the kingdom of the beast, the place of torment… oh wait… maybe not. Any way, we do take a look at the Big Finish audio story, Absolution, featuring the Eighth Doctor, Charley, and C’rizz.

Also, we examine another of the 50th anniversary e-book releases, another Eighth Doctor adventure entitled Spore.

Plus, news rumors and leaks in the world of Doctor Who.

And of course, your feedback.


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