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Friday Night Who 2/17



@VortexShaun returns to Kansas from 25 Years Of Galifrey One in LA, and because he couldn’t get enough Adric in E-Space we’re gonna celebrate with Earthshock!

Join us at Midnight CST as Shaun chats for Adric’s oncoming death (spoilers) on twitter by following @TravelVortex @VortexShaun @VortexKeith & @VortexGlenn

And of course keep an eye out for the hashtags #FridayNightWho #EarthShock (and possibly #KillAdric)

The Schedule Games

As promised, here’s the upcoming schedule for those of you who like to follow along at home…

Friday Night Who on 1/31 is the Christopher Eccleston two parter, “Aliens In London” / “World War III”.

Saturday February first at 10pm is a special Flicks With Friends. Join us for the original Planet Of The Apes.

TTV #162  has our reviews of the next two Paul McGann Big Finish stories #75 “Scaredy Cat” and #77 “Other Lives”.

FNW 2/7 is 7th Doctor (and recent addition to the Kanas City Planet Comicon guest list) Sylvester McCoy in “Survival”.

Fun and Games are on the docket for TTV #163 as we talk about Doctor Who Legacy, Doctor Who Monopoly, and the Doctor Who Card Game.

A romantic Friday Night Who for Valentine’s Day celebrates the secret love the Doctor and the Rani share.  Or is it the clandestine threesome with the Master?  Whatever. We’re celebrating Colin Baker being at Gally, so on 2/14 it’s “The Mark Of The Rani”.

Keith and Glenn will tackle some book reviews on TTV #164:  Keith is reading the third Doctor story Harvest Of Time by Alistair Reynolds while Glenn tackles the tenth Doctor story The Resurrection Casket by Justin Richards.  And while Shaun will be recovering from Gally and enjoying the So Cal Sunshine, he’s committed to trying to read Spiral Scratch by Gary Russell, featuring the sixth Doctor.

Peter Davison (and Adric) returns to FNW on 2/21 for “Earthshock”.

Now of course we’ll have all the updates and side trips from Gally as the weekend progresses, but the full blown story of the 25 Years Of Galifrey One will unfold in episode #165.

And a real treat for Friday Night Who on 2/28 as we watch Patrick Troughton in the soon-to-be-just released in North America  “The Moonbase” with completed animation segments!

and for Traveling The Vortex #166 we’ll review “The Moonbase” along with the second in last year’s 50th anniversary E Books, “The Nameless City”.

More goodies on tap for March, including all the awesomeness that is sure to be Kansas City Planet Comicion.  Stay tuned!