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Episode 321 – Bye-Bye, Duggan!

In this week’s podcast we revisit one of our favorite stories, City of Death. But, this time it’s for a review of the novelization of the classic TV story, written by James Goss, from the story by Douglas Adams and David Fisher. We compare the treatment and discuss it’s transformation from on-screen gem to book form.

Plus, a few news items this week.


Episode 77 – What a Wonderful Butler, He’s So Violent!

In this week’s episode, we take a look at the Classic Doctor Who story, City of Death starring the Fourth Doctor and Romana II. We give our reviews on this David Fisher, Douglas Adams and Graham Williams collaboration.

Also, a report on The 11th Hour, the three day convention this past weekend in Birmingham, England.

Plus, a look at some other news, and of course your feedback!

And stick around after our review as Dr. Phil Serna takes us through the music of City of Death.


The 11th Hour Convention
Adventures in Time, Space, and Music

And as mentioned, Sarah’s award winning duck!