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Episode 237 – The Technological Neanderthal Strikes, Again!

TTV-Logo-1400-150x150Late, as usual, but it will be worth it this week, as Keith and Shaun have returned and are refreshed from this year’s BritishFest in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  The two will regale you with their adventures and experiences and share stories about their panel with actor Simon Fisher-Becker, the man who plays Dorium Maldovar in Doctor Who.

Plus, there is lots of news to report, especially on the heels of this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

And, of course, your feedback.


Episode 66 – Get Your Kicks

On this week’s episode of Traveling the Vortex we have a special treat for our listeners. This week we have an interview with Simon Fisher-Becker who plays Dorium Maldovar in the stories The Pandorica Opens, A Good Man Goes to War and then again in The Wedding of River Song.

Also, this is our second Companion Archive in which we take a look at two Leela stories, The Face of Evil and Robots of Death.

Plus our reaction to the Series 7 trailer, the latest news, and of course, your feedback.


Whovians of Wichita

Simon Fisher-Becker Website


Gally Update 3 – Tickled Blue

Two updates on the same day? Unheard of! Yes, that’s right, Shaun has recorded another update from Gallifrey One’s Network 23, going on right now in Los Angeles, California. And joining him in this one, is his companion and girlfriend, Mel.

Shaun and Mel recount more of their “official” Day 1 at the premier Doctor Who convention in North America.

And this time, we get to hear a special message from one of the convention guests.

Also, more on the Eighth Doctor’s console which is on display, an a meeting with Eight himself, Mr. Paul McGann.

Shaun is going to be talking about this for weeks I’m sure.