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Episode 148 – Eerily Spooky

ttv 1400 anniIn this week’s show we have a Halloween treat. We review the Doctor Who novel, Forever Autumn by Mark Morris, featuring the Tenth Doctor and Martha.  It truly is an eerily spooky fun time.

Plus, another Tenth Doctor adventure, this time with Donna. This time Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctor 10: Death’s Deal, and audio read and performed by Catherine Tate, and written by Darren Jones.

Also, a look back at this week’s news including the recent announcement that Doctor Who – The Day of the Doctor will be showing across the U.S. including our hometown of Topeka, Kansas.

And, of course, your feedback.


Schedule X

No, that’s not an X, but a Roman Numeral 10, as our schedule gets into the Tenth Doctor celebration month.

This wee’s show (TTV #147) is the wrap up of number 9, as we discuss Doctor Who Revisited 9 and have our 50th Anniversary Discussion of the the 9th Doctor Era. (Still time to vote in the poll!)

Friday Night Who on 10/25 showcases the return of our mascot, the Myrka in “Warriors Of The Deep” with Doctor No. 5, Peter Davison.

We’ll actually start our 10th Doctor celebrations a week early in TTV #148, as we’ll have Glenn (and if all goes well all three of us) reviewing the 10th Doctor book Forever Autumn by Mark Morris, and the Audio Go, Big Finish “Destiny Of The Doctor: Death’s Deal”

FNW 11/1 is the recently released “Terror Of The Zygons” staring Tom Baker for countdown spot No. 4.

And then TTV #149 will have our reviews of “Terror Of The Zygons” and IDW Comic’s “Prisoners Of Time 10”.

We reach number three on the countdown for Friday Night Who on 11/8 with Jon Pertwee in “The Daemons”.

We’ll cover “The Daemons” in episode #150… and holly cow, that’s a nice even number, so it’s time for another EPIVERSARY!

I know you’re all excited to hear our thoughts on the just recovered Troughton episodes, but it’ll have to wait just a bit longer. (Trust us, the suspense is killing us as well.) 11/15 Friday Night Who is “The Dominators”.

TTV #151 has us return to the 10th Doctor celebrations as we look at Doctor Who Revisited 10, and have our 50th Anniversary Discussion over the 10th Doctor Era.

Coming in at number one on the countdown (chronologically speaking), Friday Night Who on 11/22 takes us back to where it all began with “An Unearthly Child”.

And then the big one, #SaveTheDay for TTV #152 and our look at “The Day Of The Doctor (50th Anniversary Special)”

Assuming we are have not won the lottery and are not at Chicago Tardis this year, FNW on 11/29 will be the just released “The Tenth Planet”

And an announcement to cheer up Keith over the impending loss of Matt Smith, TTV #153 will be our Cybermen Archive IV! Covering “The Tenth Planet”, and at long last, Big Finish #34 “Spare Parts”.

That takes us right up to December when we’ll begin our celebrations (or morning) of the Eleventh Doctor era.  Stay tuned, true believer!