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Children in Need Auction Totals

From Doctor Who News:

The auction of the Doctor’s clothes to raise money for Children in Need has now ended, with the winning bid donating £50,000 to the charity!

Final bids on other related items in the auction included:
£361.87 – signed Pudsey Bear by John Barrowman
£62.00 – signed artwork of Tommy by Anjli Mohindra
£151.00 – signed artwork of Shansheeth by Anjli Mohindra
£72.00 – signed artwork of The Empty Planet by Anjli Mohindra
£56.55 – signed artwork of Anjli by Tommy Knight
£158.00 – signed artwork of Odd Bob by Tommy Knight
£95.87 – signed artwork of The Groske by Daniel Anthony

£1,800 (ongoing) – signed Pudsey Bear by Matt Smith
£580.00 (ongoing) – signed Soulless mask from Torchwood: Miracle Day.

There is still time to donate. Just head to the website: Children in Need

Children in Need: Doctor Who Timeslot

Reposted from Doctor Who News

The new issue of the Radio Times (12-18 Nov) confirms the time of the Christmas Special preview as being in the 8:00-8:30pm timeslot during this year’s Children in Need on 18th November, promising “an exclusive treat from Doctor Who”.

This is the same slot as broadcast last year – with Children in Need being a live show, the time can only be estimated and won’t be known until during the programme itself!

The title of the episode itself is expected to be revealed in the next couple of weeks.

Happy Birthday Keith & John Nathan-Turner!

Today would have been JNTs 64th Birthday (he passed in May of 2002).  The longest running producer in Doctor Who history, he guided the show from Tom Baker’s “The Leisure Hive” up through the final classic episode “Survival” and the “Dimensions In Time” Children In Need Special.

Today also happens to be our very own Keith’s Birthday.  Wish him a happy one via @vortexKeith on twitter, or Keith@travelingthevortex.com although he is moving today (becoming @vortexshaun’s roommate of all things!) so he may not get a chance to reply.

Happy Birthday Keith!