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Side Trip 26 – The Three Musketeers of BritishFest

In this special Side Trip episode of the Traveling the Vortex podcast we feature a panel recorded at this year’s BritishFest on June 4, 2017 with Terry Molloy, Frazer Hines, and Colin Spuall. The panei was titled, Dalek vs. Cyberman and it was great fun. We hope you enjoy this special release.





Episode 237 – The Technological Neanderthal Strikes, Again!

TTV-Logo-1400-150x150Late, as usual, but it will be worth it this week, as Keith and Shaun have returned and are refreshed from this year’s BritishFest in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  The two will regale you with their adventures and experiences and share stories about their panel with actor Simon Fisher-Becker, the man who plays Dorium Maldovar in Doctor Who.

Plus, there is lots of news to report, especially on the heels of this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

And, of course, your feedback.


Saturday Night Who!


There is no Friday Night Who tonight, that’s because we are doing another “live” edition of Friday Night Who tomorrow while Shaun & Keith are at BritishFest in Omaha NE/Council Bluffs, IA!

Join us as we tweet along to “A Good Man Goes To War” on July 11th at 10:00 PM

We’ll still use the hashtag #FridayNightWho  to keep things consistent.

As always follow @TravelVortex, @VortexShaun, @VortexGlenn & @VortexKeith for all the fun, and don’t forget the hashtag #AGoodManGoestoWar

Episode 183 – The British Are Coming!

TTV Logo 1400In this week’s podcast we are fresh back from Britishfest in Omaha, NE, where we took part in its first ever convention.

This week we regale our madcap adventures in the Cornhusker state, and share all the wonderful stories from the weekend’s activities, including the first ever Friday Night Who (or Saturday in this case) tweet-along.

Also, we take a peek at some of the news items on the list for this week.

Plus a special announcement about our podcast that we are quite proud of.

And, of course, your feedback.


Jewel in the Lotus Dance Company – (Facebook page for the belly dancers at this year’s Britishfest in Omaha, NE)