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Michelle’s Birthday Gifts

Frequent listener, feedbacker and Friday Night Whoer recently had a birthday. She shared her birthday activities with us in our most recent episode.

She got quite a few Doctor Who gifts from her parents. As she said in her feedback”

They gave me a TARDIS night light, a TARDIS bracelet, a TARDIS pillow and a pack of 5 pairs of Doctor Who socks. The pillow makes the materialization noise so I’ve included a video of that. “

Below is the picture and video she references. Enjoy and Happy Belated Birthday Michelle!


Happy Birthday Russell & Jenna!

Please join Traveling The Vortex in wishing Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures creator Russell T. Davies a very happy 49th Birthday today.  Huh, he’s the same age as that OTHER show he worked on for a while!

And apparently today is also the birthday of NEW Doctor Who companion Jenna Louise-Coleman. (Can someone PLEASE update the Tardis wiki page with all these new series birthdays! LOL) Happy 26th birthday!

Happy 48th Birthday, DOCTOR WHO

On November 23rd, 1963, a little show was launched on the BBC.  It came on the heels of the coverage of the Kennedy assassination, was in fact, the first thing shown following that event, so maybe that explains why it has taken root so deeply.  Perhaps a little fun and frivolity and a little hope and joy, a look at life through those rose collared glasses was needed after that black day.

But whatever the reason, the show survived.  It has stayed with us for 48 years, and we are all better people for it.  So a big, heart felt thank you to everyone who has been associated with the show through the years, and here’s hoping for 48 more…

Happy Anniversary, Doctor Who.

Happy Belated Birthday Richard Hurndall

“Okay, really, this is becoming a bit of a habbit, isnt it?  The constantly running late?  What is this, Vortex Time?  Am I being punished for something?  Why cant you just take me to the date I asked for instead of dropping me off later when I cant be proactive?  Hmmm?  I swear it’s like you have a mind of your own, silly old thing.”

Sorry, just had to have a brief discussion with Traveling The Vortex’s birthday TARDIS, which refuses to behave and consequently, we missed another one.  November 3rd would have been the late Richard Hurndall’s “Bilbo Bagins” birthday, (as in one hundred and eleventh). 

Richard stood in for William Harntell as the first Doctor in the 20th anniversary special, “The Five Doctors”.  Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jamie & Rose!

Please join us today in wishing a very happy 67th birthday to Frazer Hines, who played Jamie McCrimmon against Patrick Trouton’s 2nd Doctor.  

And a happy 29th Birthday to Billie Piper, who was of course, Rose Tyler opposite both Christopher Eccleston’s 9th and David Tennant’s 10th Doctors.

Belated Birthday Wishes To Our I.T. Department

Our website manager and host Matt Hodges had a birthday this week on Monday.  I joked with him that I was going to do a big to-do on celebrate on the website come Monday, and then I promptly got busy and forgot.  (Yes, I’m truly a horrible friend.)

Please join me in wishing Matt a very joyous (though belated) birthday, and THANKS for all his hard work making us appear to know what we’re doing.  Or tell him yourself on twitter, @hooges.

Happy Birthday Keith & John Nathan-Turner!

Today would have been JNTs 64th Birthday (he passed in May of 2002).  The longest running producer in Doctor Who history, he guided the show from Tom Baker’s “The Leisure Hive” up through the final classic episode “Survival” and the “Dimensions In Time” Children In Need Special.

Today also happens to be our very own Keith’s Birthday.  Wish him a happy one via @vortexKeith on twitter, or Keith@travelingthevortex.com although he is moving today (becoming @vortexshaun’s roommate of all things!) so he may not get a chance to reply.

Happy Birthday Keith!