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Friday Night Who 12/13



This week for Friday Night Who we return to 2005, with the 9th Doctor story The Long Game.

The Long Game (5)

Why are we going back to the “new” series for Friday Night Who? Well Prisoners of Time comic reasons that’s why.

Join us for this story at Midnight CST, and don’t forget to to use the hashtags #TheLongGame & #FridayNigthWho

Episode 59 – Fun & Spectacle

In this week’s episode we take a look back at the Russell T. Davies era and the triumphant return of Doctor Who to the television airwaves. His highest and lowest moments, the good and the bad of RTD’s time as show runner.

Also, a look at the week’s news stories, and of course your feedback. Oh, and be sure to pay extra special attention to a very momentous announcement about one of our hosts.


Links mentioned in the show:

Naka-Kon 2012
Cowboy Bebop
@blumespew – Twitter handle for Steve Blum
SFX Awards 2012
Gallifrey One’s Network 23
Doctor Who: Adventures in Time, Space, & Music

Oh, and we didn’t really mention her on this weeks show, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t give any credit Julie Gardner’s help in bringing Doctor Who back to T.V. and it’s success throughout the RTD era. Be sure to check out this tribute to Russell and Julie sung by none other than David Tennant, John Barrowman And Catherine Tate.
“The Ballad of Russell and Julie”