Red Nose Day Special

In honor of Red Nose Day in the UK the BBC has put Doctor Who: Curse of Fatal Death on their website. Red Nose Day is March 18th and helps to raise money for those in need in the UK and Africa. To participate or contribute to the cause, you can go here: Red Nose Day

Price Decrease on DVDs?

Just noticed that several Doctor Who DVDs are sporting lower prices. I hadn’t heard of a scheduled price drop, so this may be a temporary sale, but check out the Amazon store to see what’s what. I personally just snagged the Tom Baker introductory story, “Robot” and the Sylvester McCoy epic “Remembrance Of The Daleks” and paid $26 for both! (Not bad considering the MSRP for Remembrance is normally $30!) Happy shopping!

Episode 11 – Are You Our Mummy?

This week we explore four more Ninth Doctor stories, The Long Game, Father’s Day, The Empty Child, and The Doctor Dances.

Also, more feedback, the gauntlet is thrown down by another listener who says, HE”S our number 1 fan.

Plus, our reaction to the best news of the year, the launch date for Series 6, not for the UK, but actually for the U.S.

Hope you enjoy!

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Doctor Who Fiction: A Place Among The Stars

DOCTOR WHO: A Place Among The Stars
By Shaun Collins

On a quiet afternoon in a countryside cottage, he lay dying.The bedside monitor beeped, the breathing apparatus did its slow, rhythmic pump up and down, an IV line drip, drip, dripped its medicinal concoction, but still he lay dying.He’d come to accept the idea.He’d lived a long, full life—a good life, by all accounts—and now was growing accustomed to the idea of fading away.

Of course the cancer had other ideas.It was not about to let him go peacefully or quietly.It was in fact, eating him alive.He hated it. He’d spent his whole life putting on a brave front for the cameras, showcasing a “never say die” attitude.He’d fought and won against every kind of threat possible, but the cancer was different.

For starters, it was real.There was no writer standing by with a clever way out, no Beeb executive to step in with a dues-ex-machina.He was going to die, and it would not be fading away.It would be slow and agonizing and above all, undignified.

The man wanted to get up and walk, to clasp his hands behind his back and just pace, as he had so many times in the past, but in his weakened state, could barely shift the bed covers that felt as much like a restraining strap across his midsection as they did a comforting swaddling for his frail form.

A groaning wheeze filled the air, as familiar as it was foreign, sounding as though some great beast was forcing itself through a tear in the fabric of space and time.He instinctively reached for the remote, thinking someone had left the telly on for him.And while ordinarily that would have provided a decent distraction from the ineffective medicines, he couldn’t take the program.

Not that one.Not right now.

But the television set wasn’t on.He looked across to the room’s far corner and watched disbelieving as the familiar blue box took shape, the WHORP WHORP noise continuing until at last it solidified and turned real.The light on top stopped flashing, the materialization process completed.

The door opened and a young man stepped out of the TARDIS.He was dressed like a Oxford professor; brown tweed jacket, suspenders and red bow tie, though he was far too young to sell the look.He glanced around the room for a minute and his eyes settled on the hospital bed against the wall with its astonished patient.

“Ah, good, you’re here.Thought for a minute we’d missed you.”He glanced over his shoulder back into the box.“It’s alright, we’re here.”He spun back around and clasped his hands together.“How are you, my friend?No, wait, that’s a bad question.Don’t answer that.”

“Well of course it’s a bad question!Have you no sense of decorum at all dear boy?”A gruff voice called out, and an elderly man with white hair and a cane forced himself through the doors and into the room.“Just look at him, mmm!”

“I thought we agreed I’d be first to see him?”Came a new voice, and a short man with dark hair in a mop top pushed through.His check trousers and blue shirt made for quite a contrast with the others.He scowled at them as he came into the room, but brightened when he looked at the bed.“My dear Brigadier!What a pleasure to see you again.”

The man in the bed shook his head.“You, you can’t be here.You’re not real.”

“Not real?”Shouted the next man out of the TARDIS.He had curly blond hair and wore a Technicolor dream coat.“I expect we’re some sort of fever dream then?”

“Oy!Leave him alone.”Said a skinny man wearing glasses and a brown pin-striped suit.

“Yes, he’s been through quite a lot lately.”The next man said, a blonde wearing a cricket outfit and what looked like celery.

“This can’t be happening.”The man in the bed said.

A few of them started milling about the room, muttering to themselves about the state of the accommodations.A tall man wearing an incredibly long scarf flopped down on the bed next to him.He crossed his legs, threw his feet up on the bed and smiled a mouthful of teeth.“Well he doesn’t look any worse for the wear to me.”

“Amazing when you consider the medical technology of this time.”Said another with long flowing hair and a silver ascot, as he looked over the array of monitors next to the bed.“They almost killed me.”

“They did kill me.”Said a short man in a hat carrying an umbrella.“Or rather, they will kill me.Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart we presume?”

“Oh must we presume?”The man in the scarf asked.

“Of course we must!”Said the grandfatherly figure still standing by the TARDIS.

“I am not Lethbridge-Stewart.”Said the man in the bed forcefully.

They all stopped to look at him.

“Well of course you’re not.”Came a new voice.It belonged to the one in the crushed purple velvet suit and cape with a shock of white hair.“We know that, for heavens sake.But what else would we call you—” He smiled.“but `Brigadier’?”

The one in the mop top nodded enthusiastically.“You’ve no idea what we’ve had to go through just to get here.”

“The reality compensator is completely blown; take us a month to repair it.”Said another man wearing a black leather jacket as he stepped out of the TARDIS.“Oh, hello!”

“What do you mean; you came here to find me?”Asked the man in the bed.The Doctors—and really, that’s all he could think of them as—stopped and smiled in synch with each other.

“Regardless of our differences, young fellow, we hold you in high regard.Very high regard indeed.”Said the grandfatherly one.

“It’s been a while since I was a young fellow… Doctor.”The words sounded strange in his ears but felt right coming from his mouth.“But, I don’t understand.You’re fiction.”

“What is fiction, but words that describe an idea?”Asked the Doctor in purple velvet.

“And ideas are powerful things.”Chimed in the man wearing celery.

“Some ideas are so powerful; they take on a life of their own.”Agreed bow tie.

“And here we are.”Finished the mop topped Doctor.

There was a moment of silence then, as what the Doctors had said sunk in. “But why?Why now?”

“I think you know why.”Said the bow tie Doctor.“Come with us.”


At that moment, a single gong rang out.It came from deep within the bowls of the TARDIS and reverberated throughout the room.The Doctors looked up at the sound of it. “The Cloister Bell.”Said the black leather jacket Doctor.“We haven’t much time.”

“We know what it means!”Cried out the grandfatherly Doctor.“Let’s see what we can do about it, hmmm?”He turned to the rest.“Don’t be long.”He moved back into the TARDIS with the other Doctor as the bell rang out again.

The Doctor in purple rubbed his hands together.“Yes well, this is it, Brigadier.You can come with us, or we can part ways.”

The man in the bed shook his head.“I can’t just leave, it’s impossible.”

“Impossible!”Shouted the Doctor in the scarf as he lept to his feet and stood on the bed.“Did he just say ‘impossible’?Just look around the room, Brigadier!We’re living proof of the impossible.”

The blonde Doctor with the cricket gear stepped forward.“Brigadier, a place among the stars has been prepared for you, but we mustn’t delay.”The Cloister Bell rang out again, emphasizing his words.

The bedridden man looked at the conglomeration of tubes and wires that linked the machinery to him.He looked at the Doctors, from one to the other.All faces he recognized, all men he knew.And if what they said was true about getting here, he knew he could be in no better hands.

He made up his mind. “All right, Doctors.I’m ready.”

The Doctor in purple grinned and nodded, the mop top Doctor was positively beaming.

“Allons y!”Shouted the skinny Doctor in the brown suit as he pulled his sonic screwdriver from his pocket and aimed it at the bedside equipment.Its high pitched hum filled the air, and then a shower of sparks flew from the monitors.The Doctor in the scarf jumped off the bed and along with the short Doctor with the umbrella, and the Doctor with the long flowing hair and ascot began to push the hospital bed across the room.The Doctor in the Technicolor coat swung open both sets of doors to the TARDIS as the Cloister Bell sang again.

“The fabric of reality is beginning to break down!”Shouted the Doctor in the cricket gear.

“Don’t worry”, said the Brigadier as the bed rolled over the threshold.“The writer will get us out of this.”

The Doctors shared another smile, and then closed up the doors.The TARDIS shuddered once, and began to dematerialize.The groaning noise started anew, the light on top flashed.The box became translucent, then transparent, and then the Brigadier got what he wanted:

He faded away. <>


A Date With The Doctor

Entertainment Weekly has the scoop on the U.S. release date for Doctor Who Series Six.

The news has been verified by BBC America and the launch is set for Saturday, April 23 at 9 p.m ET (8 p.m. CT).

From EW:

Doctor Who fans, your wait is almost over. EW has learned the premiere date of the new season of the international cult hit, plus some plot details and we have a first look at the show’s marketing art.

BBC America will launch Doctor Who on Saturday, April 23 at 9 p.m ET. That’s Part One of a two-part opener penned by showrunner Steven Moffat (who also did the BBC’s Sherlock reboot — rent it if you’re a Holmes & Watson fan and haven’t seen it yet). This season also includes guest star Mark Sheppard (Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica). Alex Kingston (ER, Flash Forward) is returning for this round too.

Read more here!

Episode 10 – Exterminate!

This week’s episode is so “bowtie”. We have feedback from Traveling the Vortex’s (self-proclaimed) Number One Fan. Do you agree?

Also, reaction to two recent casting announcements for Torchwood: Miracle Day, here’s a hint to one, “Who you gonna call?”

And in this week’s Adversary Archive, we’re talking about three stories involving the Doctor’s number one enemy… The Daleks. A review of The Daleks, The Daleks Invasion of Earth, and Dalek.

Plus, a report from Draculasaurus, who visited this year’s Doctor Who convention – Gallifrey One’s Catch 22: Islands of Mystery.

Links mentioned in this week’s show:
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Gallifrey One –
Draculasaurus –

Download Episode 10 – Exterminate.mp3

Weekend Wonderings – 3/6/11

I’m taking a quick break from homework to give you, valued reader, a glimpse inside the workings of my tortured mind. I’ve always joked that if a human can have a train of thought, my train is the one from the end of BACK TO THE FUTURE III. I’ve gone over the trestle, left the tracks and am in a constant state of free fall. That’s my train of thought. I’m pretty sure I have ADHLAS. That’s Attention Deficit-HEY LOOK, A SQUIRREL!

– Hurray for tax return money! I finally ordered the “Key To Time” box set I’ve always wanted to order, but never have.

– And “Genesis Of The Daleks

– And I pre-ordered “The Seeds Of Doom” (Which releases here in the states on Tuesday, 3/8/11.

– and then I saw the Borders store in Lawrence was going out of business and had a discount on all their stuff, so I picked up “The Invasion Of Time” and “Black Orchid”.

– I am sad to see a book store close.

– I am not bothered all that much that it was a conglomerate mega store, since Lawrence has many small, independent book stores I enjoy browsing in.

– Also hit up BRITS in Lawrence, a shop that does nothing but import items from the British Isles. Bought some more Jelly Babies.

Mmmmm… Jelly Babies.

– I’m thinking that perhaps I need to curb my Doctor Who spending a bit.

– Did you know that Jelly Babies are actual JELLY BABIES? I mean, they’re shaped like little kids!

– Suddenly that joke with Leela saying the evil one eats babies makes a lot more sense.

Mmmmm…. Leela.

– Did you know that “The Daleks” with William Hartnell is like, 7 episodes long? Cause we didn’t when we started watching it at midnight!

Kansas City Planet Comicon, the area’s largest comic book convention is coming up at the end of the month. We have made plans to go and drum up some local support for Traveling The Vortex. I wonder how much Doctor Who stuff they’ll have?

– I want to build a Dalek.

– I really should be getting some homework done.

– Speaking of homework, I have 2 more episodes of “The Dalek Invasion Of Earth” to finish before we record the podcast tonight.

– I wish I understood twitter better.

– Then again, if I understood it, I probably wouldn’t get much homework done.

– I think I need a sandwich.

– Of course, “need” is relative.

– Kinda like time.

– So if the translation circuitry in the TARDIS can translate any language for you during your travels with the Doctor, does that mean that companions who have left the ship suddenly have access to Spanish and Greek and Russian and all the standard “Earthbound” languages? Is it like a Rosetta Stone, only cooler?

– Oh, I picked up “Destiny Of The Daleks” too.

– Whoops, I should have said “Is it like a Rosetta Stone, only more bow tie?” We’re starting a movement to replace the word cool with bow tie. Cause you know, bow ties are cool.

– Okay, back to homework. Homework is so NOT bow tie.

Remembering The Brig

A beautiful video tribute was posted recently on

It’s is by BabelColour, and really captures the essence of Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart the much loved roll played by Nicholas Courtney in his many years on Doctor Who.

From BabelColour:

A personal and affectionate tribute to a wonderful man who sadly passed last week and to the timeless character he created. A huge presence in my childhood – the Brigadier was just as much a part of me as the Doctor was. And with the death of Nicholas Courtney a little bit of my childhood died with him. God bless Nick and a heartfelt salute to the Brigadier. Lest we ever forget….


Doctor Who "shirts of the day"

Taking our “Doctoring Rock Band” idea one step farther, the folks over at bring you this much awesome. But hurry, this is available ONE DAY ONLY!

and over at present this fun… ALSO ONE DAY ONLY and time is running out for both shirts!

Episode 9 – Number Nine

This week we focus on the ninth Doctor stories, The End of the World, The Unquiet Dead, Aliens of London, and World War Three.

Also a look back on the life of Nicholas Courtney, or as Doctor Who fans best know him Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. We recall our fondest memories of The Brig.

And finally we lay out the stories we will review in next week’s podcast for those who might be watching along with us.

Download: Episode 9 – Number Nine.mp3

Needing A New Awards Shelf

Since the Academy Awards are tonight, I’d thought I’d make mention that earlier this week, The Doctor Who News Page reported that “Vincent And The Doctor” has been nominated for The Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation in the 2010 Nebula Awards.

The episode, is the only television episode in this category, but is in good company, up against the films Despicable Me, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, How To Train Your Dragon, and Best Picture Nominees Inception, and Toy Story 3.

The winners are selected in March, and announced at the Nebula Awards Banquet, taking place on 21st May.

Hot on the heels of the Nebula nomination this week, the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films have announced the nominations for the 37th annual Saturn Awards. “A Christmas Carol” is nominated for Best Television Presentation.

The episode, penned by Steven Moffat, is up against his own Sherlock which he co-wrote with Mark Gatiss. Other nominees include the Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special, The Walking Dead, and two series from new Torchwood co-producer Starz, The Pillars of the Earth and Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

Last year, Torchwood: Children of Earth won the award for Best Presentation on Television, (and rightly so) which beat fellow nominee Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead.

The Saturn Awards take place in June.

For Those Following Along…

For those who may be watching Doctor Who along with us (Keith in particular) I don’t know if we mentioned what is next on the reviewing agenda.

As you know, last week we reviewed the Ninth Doctor’s first episode, Rose. So, next week we will cover The End of the World, The Unquiet Dead, the two-parter, Aliens of London and World War Three, and wrap up with Dalek.

This will set up our next Adversary Archives episode where we will go back and review a select numbert of Daleks episodes from the classic series.

That list will be decided on this week, and we’ll let you know that list in a later post.

"Five Rounds Rapid"… Remembering Nick Courtney

Friends and fans have been expressing their grief over the recent passing of Nicholas Courtney. One memory of Nick that caught my eye today, was that of a dear friend and colleague of The Brig, Tom Baker who played the fourth Doctor. Here is an exert from his website.

From Tom Baker: The Official Website:

Of all the characters in Doctor Who there is no doubt that he was the most loved by the fans for his wonderful portrayal of the rather pompous Brigadier. “Five rounds rapid” was the line we all loved, always addressed to Sergeant Benton. Nick’s close friends simply adored him. There was a certain innocence in his personality that was utterly endearing. He was very easy to tease, and I did my share, which made him shake his head in disbelief when he realised he had been had.

To read more from Tom, click here.

UPDATED: The Guardian has posted it’s Nicholas Courtney obituary. You can read it here.

A Legend Passes

We are saddened by today’s news that Nicholas Courtney, best known to Doctor Who fans as Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, has died, at the age of 81.

Courtney first appeared in the series as Space Security Agent Bret Vyon in The Daleks’ Master Plan. But we will always remember him as UNIT Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, a role that he would remain in until the Seventh Doctor’s era and even appeared more recently in The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Courtney was a staple in the Doctor Who universe. From the first time I saw him on screen, he commanded an audience with me, and quickly became one of my favorite characters in the series.

I had always hoped that Courtney would return to the proper series after it was restarted in 2005, but I am very grateful that Lethbridge-Stewart did become a part of the new era by appearing in SJA.

Tonight, I will reflect on his life, by remembering him the best way I can… watching episodes of the strict, mostly by-the-book, but often lovable, military commander who will forever live-on, on screen.

Our thoughts go to Nick’s family and friends.

Rest assured he will never be forgotten by his fans.

William Nicholas Stone Courtney (December 16th, 1929 – February 22nd, 2011)