Friday Night Who 7/28

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Episode 340 – Slouching Towards the Vortex

In this week’s show we review more materials from Candy Jar Books.

First we look at the latest short story selection in The HAVOC Files 3, including a tale by our very own resident author, Shaun

Plus, we squeeze in the novella, Life of Evans by John Peel, that was released by Candy Jar Books earlier this year. It also features the short story, Time and Again by Robert Mammone.

Plus some news-of-the week.

And, of course your feedback.


Deborah Watling Has Passed

With heavy heart we must report that Doctor Who actress Deborah Watling has passed away after a brief battle with lung cancer. She was diagnosed with the disease just six weeks ago.

She was 69.

Best known for playing 2nd Doctor companion Victoria Waterfield, (and daughter of Jack Watling, who played Professor Edward Travers) many of Deborah’s episodes are still missing, with her only complete serials being Tomb of the Cybermen and Enemy of the World. Most parts of The Ice Warriors and The Web of Fear exist as well.

Deborah was a delight to talk to, as we had the pleasure of doing at Time Eddy in Wichita two years ago. She often found herself the butt of many jokes frequently administered by co-star Frazer Hines, but you could tell it was all in good fun, and their panel was one of the more spirited and fun ones we’ve ever had the privilege to moderate.

Mel and I enjoyed a small, quiet moment with her poolside at Gally several years back. She came out of the hotel, looked up at the sun and closed her eyes for a moment to just bask. Then she looked at us, smiled brilliantly and commented the only downside to conventions was while you got to spend all day with lovely fans, you did it all indoors.

She was a class act, and we will miss her.


Episode 339 – Change My Dear…

We take the opportunity to discuss the historic announcement of the next Doctor on this week’s episode of the podcast. Here are our thoughts on the news that Jodie Whittaker will take over the role at Christmas.

Also, we do have a few things to review. First we look at Big Finish Main Range story 89, No Man’s Land, featuring the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex.

Then, we delve into the first five issues in the Eleventh Doctor’s year three comics from our friends over at Titan Comics.

And, of course, your feedback.


Jodie Whittaker announced as the 13th Doctor

Actress Jodie Whittaker takes over as the 13th Doctor at Christmas

Actress Jodie Whittaker takes over as the 13th Doctor at Christmas. – Image BBC

The BBC revealed in a trailer following Wimbledon men’s singles final, that actress Jodie Whittaker will step into the shoes of the Doctor as the character’s next incarnation.

The Broadchurch star follows Peter Capaldi, who took the role in 2013 and leaves in this year’s Christmas special.

She joins another Broadchurch alum. Doctor Who’s new showrunner is Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall.

Whittaker told BBC News:

“It’s more than an honour to play the Doctor. It means remembering everyone I used to be, while stepping forward to embrace everything the Doctor stands for: hope. I can’t wait.”

As well as TV work, Whittaker has appeared on the big screen, in One Day, Attack the Block and St Trinian’s.

Episode 338 – Class is in Session

In this week’s episode of the podcast, we revisit the Doctor Who spin-off series, Class with a full review of the entire first (if only) season. We give our impressions of the series as a whole.

Also, some convention announcements and we talk briefly about some news of the week.

And, of course, your feedback.


Episode 337 – Dancing With Myself

A special delivery delayed the show this week, but we’re not holding that against her.

This week we look at the final episode of Series 10, The Doctor Falls. Find out what we thought of the finale.

Also, some news, including a few Christmas special announcements.

And, of course, your feedback.


Friday Night Who 6/30

Join us June 30 at our new time, 10:30 CDT for our weekly Doctor Who watch-along, Friday Night Who! We’re journeying to the end of the First Doctor’s era this week with William Hartnell’s last outing, in “The Tenth Planet”. As always, you can join the conversation on Twitter. Just follow @travelvortex and look for the #FridayNightWho #TheTenthPlanet hashtags.

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Episode 336 – Kill Bill Vol. 1

In this week’s show we examine the long awaited story in Series 10, World Enough and Time. We give our impressions of the not-so-surprising as well as the unexpected reveals in the show.

Plus, some big guest announcements from our good friends over at Time Eddy III. And some exciting news from our friends over at Candy Jar Books.

And, of course, your feedback.


The Schedule Falls – UPDATED

Updates Updates Updates!

As we discussed on the podcast this week there is a tweak to the schedule, (we have added a week to our Candy Jar book reviews to better get caught up and cover the awesomeness there in.) Changes marked in red. The rest of the schedule stays the same, just backs up a week…

First, the big super huge announcement you may have missed… Based on YOUR feedback, (no, not you. You. No, you! You in the back. YES YOU! YOUR FEEDBACK!) Our weekly Doctor Who watch along Friday Night Who has been moved to a new time, permanently! (Well, as permanent as anything is in this crazy mixed up world of ours.)

Join us now each week, starting at 10:30pm Central.

This means you ALL better be breaking out that BritBox subscription or booting up your DVDs to join us!!!

Next up is the schedule:

Friday Night Who on 6/23 is Colin Baker in “Attack Of The Cybermen”

Our show this week for Traveling The Vortex #336 is the penultimate series 10 episode “World Enough And Time”

FNW 6/30 is the first appearance of Mondasian Cybermen in “The Tenth Planet” with William Hartnell.

and TTV #337 is the series finale, “The Doctor Falls”

Peter Davidson hits Friday Night Who on 7/7 in “Awakening”

TTV #338 will have our review of the first (and possibly only season) of the spin-off series Class.

FNW 7/14 is a Nu Who episode with Matt Smith, “The Beast Below”

We’ll take a look at some Eleventh Doctor comics in TTV #339. Titan Comics 11th Doctor Season 3 #1-5 to be exact, along with Big Finish mainline #89 “No Man’s Land”

We’ve added a week here: FNW 7/21 is the Tom Baker serial “The Sun Makers”

We’re breaking up our Candy Jar book reviews, into two weeks! Traveling The Vortex #340 takes a look at Havoc Files 3 (featuring a story by a certain member of this podcast, who will NOT be allowed to tell you how great it is), and the novela Life of Evans by John Peel.

FNW 7/28 is the debut of the Jon Pertwee story “Colony In Space” Parts 1-3

More Candy Jar goodness with the short story Runaway Bomb by Nick Walters, and the novel Lethbridge-Stewart: Night Of The Intelligence by Andy Frankham-Allen (which features a prologue by a certain member of this podcast, who will NOT be allowed to tell you how great it is.)

We’ll finish up “Colony In Space” Parts 4-6 for Friday Night Who on 8/4

TTV #341 will feature our review of “Colony In Space”

A classic FNW for 8/11 featuring Tom Baker, “The Brain Of Morbius”

8th Doctor Big Finish action in TTV #342 with our thoughts on the Big Finish 8th Doctor Adventures Season 2: #7 “Sisters of the Flame”, and #8 “Vengeance of Morbius”

More NU WHO on FNW 8/18 with Christopher Eccelston in the two part “Aliens In London / World War III”

and TTV #343 has Big Finish 8th Doctor Adventures Season 3: #1 “Orbis” and Titan Comics 9th Doctor Season 1 #1-5

Beyond that in the dog days of summer? I can strongly hint that our Lost In Time feature is coming back, and we might just be revisiting the idea of Beyond The Doctor.


As always, thanks for listening!


Friday Night Who Moves To New Time


We asked, you answered, we listened.

Our weekly Doctor Who watch along Friday Night Who will make the permanent move to 10:30pm on Friday Nights instead of midnight. (Times are still Central). We hope this change will allow more of you to join in with us!

The change is effective immediately, with this week’s offering, #AttackOfTheCybermen

Fire up those BritBox subscriptions or dust off your DVDs, We push play at 10:30, and look for the #FridayNightWho hashtags on twitter!

Episode 335 – Death By Scotland

In this week’s show we look at the latest Doctor Who Series 10 story, The Eaters of Light. We give our opinions on the latest in the series.

Plus, some news of the week, including some sad news on a The Doctor Who Experience sunset date and big news about the Doctor’s arch nemesis the Master getting a series of audios of his own from Big Finish.

And, of course, your feedback.


Links mentioned in this show:

Sundown – a short film starring Doctor Who stars Caitlin Blackwood & Frazer Hines

Episode 334 – God Save the Queen

In this week’s show we look at the latest story in Doctor Who Series 10, The Empress of Mars. We’ll give our, very brief this week, impressions on the episode.

Also, some news, that’s not news, about news, that will be news eventually. We’re referring to a certain someone’s (*cough* RTD) claim that he’s aware of a certain casting of a certain favorite character of ours.

And of course, your feedback.


Side Trip 26 – The Three Musketeers of BritishFest

In this special Side Trip episode of the Traveling the Vortex podcast we feature a panel recorded at this year’s BritishFest on June 4, 2017 with Terry Molloy, Frazer Hines, and Colin Spuall. The panei was titled, Dalek vs. Cyberman and it was great fun. We hope you enjoy this special release.





Episode 333 – Sweet Little Lies

In this week’s episode of Traveling the Vortex, we take a look at the Series 10 story, The Lie of the Land. Find out what we thought of the finale of a somewhat three part story arc.

Plus, we’ll review some of the news this week.

And, of course, your feedback.